AFFILIATE LINKS | I sometimes use affiliate links in my #ootd posts which means I get a small commission if you click on the links and purchase the product.


PR SAMPLES | If you are looking to send PR samples I would be up for discussion over email: raierinrose@gmail.com the majority of what you see is all bought by myself, if I ever do have a PR sample it will have a ‘*’ next to the product and a little note at the bottom of the page. All will be 100% my opinion and only products I would actually use.


SPONSORED POSTS | I may take on sponsored posts where I collaborate with a company/brand. Again this will be marked with a ‘*’ within the post and will be only companies and brands who I love myself.


EVENTS | As an event lover and with a Adv.Diploma in events I would be up for any events/openings/launches related to movies, books, beauty and fashion. I am based in Sydney.


CONTENT | Please note all images are mine unless stated otherwise ‘(source)’ do not take my images and use them for your own. Never take my images with out my consent and permission.


If you are a brand/company/blogger looking to work with me you can contact me via email at raierinrose@gmail.com


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