• About

    | Utter |


    complete; absolute.

    She stared at her in utter amazement

    | Ardour |


    great enthusiasm or passion.

    She spoke persuasively and with ardour

    Utter Ardour was created in August 2014 as ‘Rai Erin Rose’ made to be a little hobby to distract from the boring everyday. It has turned into a complete passion project, hence the name, Utter Ardour.

    A place to express my creativity and write down my loves, passions and anything that catches my fancy. This blog is a place to capture what I experience and see how I grow.

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    Meet the Blogger


    I’m Rai. Sydney born and bred and 24 years old. I’ve got an Advance Diploma in Event Management and you will find me at the nearest convention. I’m a Slytherin with a soft spot for Hufflepuffs. I’ve always loved messing around with fashion, beauty happened a little later after I got into the blogging world and now I’m makeup obsessed. Reading, TV, YouTube and movies are my life, I love getting swept up in other worlds and other peoples adventures.

    I’ve spent most of 2017 traveling and discovering a lot about myself and the world. So I’ll also share a lot of lifestyle and personal posts. Think of this blog like a Diary of sorts. This blog is for anyone just trying to get the hang of life. Cause it’s a little but messy, but a little more fun and a whole lot of crazy. So let’s go insane together, ok?