Blogging in the world of short attention spans.

No, you’re not seeing things, I am back writing a blog post. This time hopefully I’ll stay around a bit longer than a day. Last week I sat down and wrote a page of blog ideas I actually loved. It felt good being excited about writing. I needed a break to do some thinking about where I wanted my writing to take me so bear with me while I learn to find my voice in this massive blogosphere.

I questioned, like many other bloggers, what the future of blogging would look like. If you asked me a year ago when I stopped blogging I would’ve told you it was just influencer after influencer pushing products down their reader’s throats. People were focused on playing the numbers game. How many followers you had, how many likes your photos got, and even though I understood that was part of the job it was detrimental to my mental health.

I became obsessed with asking myself why I wasn’t getting a million views and likes. My attention span went from being able to produce content and enjoy reading blogs to sitting around scrolling through my phone hours on end. Hence why I needed the break. To be honest I wish I was more strict on myself and had deleted social media entirely. It all came down to me understanding that what I did online was just me needing a ‘”quick fix” rather than actually learning and becoming a better creator.

I’m thankful I started university online. For new readers, I already have an advanced diploma in event management. I was so career-oriented but felt like I was going nowhere. When I started this communication course I felt a motivation grow inside me that I hadn’t had in a while. It has taken me until now to sort out my emotions and life to sit down and write just for me.

This blog started as a space to have free expression and not worry about anyone else. It was a diary I kept to find motivation. I’m now using this space to merge my love for writing and create a professional portfolio to look back on.

It was within a discussion on my latest creative writing course that the question of attention spans came into play. The online world is full of entertainment grasping for the viewer’s attention. With macro blogging on twitter and the endless scrolling of Instagram, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when users crave more and more content that takes less time to create.

Think about it for a second (Pun on short attention span INTENDED). Video clips are getting shorter, new shows are created to an extreme to keep up with binge culture, most people get their news off Facebook and Twitter and podcasts/audiobooks are on the rise compared to reading books. I did a little research and found that our attention spans have drastically dwindled.

Can we just blame technology for this? Just as our attention spans go down our productivity rises. I see it in people my age all the time. It seems millennial culture is to try and do too many tasks all at once to look successful. Many of us have multiple jobs, play sports, have hobbies and keep a social media following. No wonder we feel run off our feet and don’t want to focus on ourselves.

“a consumer’s attention span is now less than that of your average goldfish. ”

Shannon Lords –

Blogging in a short attention span world

So you could say I have been thinking about this for a while. I asked myself if this is true, why go back to blogging? What I realised is I love it. I want to write and hone this skill for myself and to showcase to the world my thoughts, even if only a few people read it. Here is how to blog in this short attention span world:

  • Forget the numbers. Which seems impossible in the day in age where people are valued by how many followers they have. I am loving that Instagram removed how many likes people receive on posts.
  • Remember why you’re writing. What motivates you to write. For me, writing is where I want my career to start.
  • Stay true. It is so easy to get swept up in creating content you think others want to see. I used to create content just to keep relevant but I could see my voice disappearing.
  • Have fun. Blogging, even if you want it to be a career is your personal space. You should want to have fun creating each post. If not it’s time to have a break and reevaluate.
  • Create content you want to read. If the post you write keeps your attention it is bound to capture the attention of other readers.

I plan on blogging every Saturday. I will focus on thoughts I have about blogging and the industries I want to work with, societies culture, powerful people who inspire me and reviews. This will become a space to express myself and create a live portfolio to practice my skills. I promise there will be the usual fashion and beauty post as well because I love talking about those topics!

See you soon, Rai xo