Highlight review – Anastasia Sugar Glow Kit

Can you believe I have never used a highlight palette since now?

I never saw the ‘need’ to wear highlight, so when it first stepped onto the scene as a must wear I decided to try one of my eye shadows on to see the difference. I never looked back. It wasn’t until that eye shadow hit pan that I realized it was time for an upgrade. Not knowing where to go I ran to my sister and she suggested this bad boy, Anastasia’s Sugar Glow Palette.


One of the two lighter shades in the palette. This has a yellow base and is great for an ‘I’m awake’ look as yellow helps brighten the skin. I use it when I want that glow factor. It really helps widen my face so my cheeks look fuller. Plus it is such a good shade for a majority of makeup looks. This was the first shade I tried from the palette and every one gave me a complement on it, so much so that I ended up only using this shade for the first week. Until I decided I should probably check out the other shades as well. It drew my attention the most as when I swatched the palette as this one caught the light most out of the four.

Pigment: High. Turns up on the skin really well. Possibly the best out of the whole palette. Hardly any drop out when applying.

Colour scheme: For the bright summer and spring looks. I wear it with my everyday wear which is a lot of browns, it has golden tones to it which make it great for this. I do show it here with a blue eye look to show how versatile it can be.

Perfect for: Summer looks and getting your GLOW on.

Texture: Matte, as it has a less glittered effect than the other shades.


The shade with the pop of colour. This is a nice deep shade with a hot pinkish purple glow. Once I discovered the pink hues I fell head over hills in love. It is the perfect shade to give an extra pop to your blush and I have started using this on my cheeks only, then using another highlight shade to continue upwards. Would be perfect for more dramatic makeup looks. Slowly but surely becoming a favourite and I have been able to play around with it a lot more to see the best way it works with me and my makeup looks.

Pigment: High in person, the bright pink doesn’t turn up that much in photos. No drop out. Good for layering.

Colour scheme: I’m wearing it with a pink and purple eye look. Great for cool tones and to help give colour to your face especially in the winter months.

Perfect for: Bright, dramatic looks. Place on top of your blush for that extra pop. I have started to wear this on the apples of my cheeks and then using one of the other three shades to follow up to my brows.

Texture: Has a glimmered finish perfectly in between matte and glitter.


The warmest shade in the palette, and for those who know my love of gold in eye make up know that I died when I first swatched this. When I first put it on it was like liquid gold aka HEAVEN. It really does give that wow factor. I would say it is the bolder more confident sister of the shade Marshmellow. They both have golden tones but where marshmallow was a bight matte look this has that glitter effect when on the skin.

Pigment: Amazing. Can disappear by the end of the day into more of a yellow tone rather than stay super shiny.  But if you top it up after 8 hours of wear it is good as new.

Colour scheme: Bronzed warm toned looks. Anything in the summer, I also use as an eye shadow and it would be perfect for glittering up your shoulders and collar bone.

Perfect for: Placing over your bronzer for an extra summer glow. Fancy evenings out for when you want to look extra elegant. It has that rich glittering shine that makes you want to take over the world.

Texture: Creamy, Shiny finish.


The light pink highlight of the palette. Has a gorgeous innocent light shimmer and I’ve noticed myself going towards it more and more now I know where about I love to wear it and what makeup looks it looks best with. It really lives up to it’s name as it is such a burst of white light when on the skin.

Pigment: For smaller areas high, but for the cheek bones needs a couple of layers to build up the pigment. Shows up a lot in the sunlight but you need to catch the sunlight for it to show up in photos. A little more fall out than the others.

Colour scheme: Any look would get satisfaction from this highlight as it doesn’t have  much colour to it. Summer through to winter you can benefit from this shade.

Perfect for: Highlighting tip of nose, inner corners of eyes and top of lips. It’s as if it was made just to highlight those areas because it makes them pop like no tomorrow.

Texture: Dusty due to the fall out and how fine it is. Glittered matte finish.


All Shades are able to be worn on top of each other creating a great natural glow, I have tested each layered on each other and it works very well. All of them also last well both with and without setting spray, I do like to have a touch up later on in the day for maximum shine. I also trialed all of them wet (By spraying my brushes) and they come out with extra pigment and last longer before touch up. I have been wearing them wet most days now so it is definitely an option.


Aesthetically it is very pleasing to the eye. It is a large palette but each shade is removable with magnets on the back. There is no mirror inside which for some reason I was expecting seeing as most my eye shadows have mirrors so why not a highlight although I suppose you know where to put this without a mirror so it’s not a losing situation.

They do have a bit of fall out once packaging is closed. Like any shadow/highlighter the dust soon appears and gets all over the lid, this is now normal for me and not too much bother.


It retails in Australia for $72 which for a high end make up brand I see fairly reasonable. For the quality, the fact you get 4 different colours and they are going to last me a very long time, it justifies itself. Still it is something you do have to save for you can’t just go “hey imma grab a highlighter” I mean if you can props to you and give me your budgeting secrets!

Over all this is a stunning palette. For the differences in colour, the different ways to use the shades on your face and that you can take them out and carry them around with you is all a plus. I see a lot more positives and hardly (if any) negatives to these highlighters. I can see myself using them for a long time but also keen to try some others as well! Let me know if you have this palette and what you love about it. If you use another that is your go to let me know!