Rivers and road trips – Daily Snaps

There is nothing better than a road trip on a sunny Australian day.

My family and I decided to spend the Easter Sunday going for a ride in the car, blasting the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack and snacking on our chocolate, chips and grapes. We ended up first at the side of the Hawkesbury river. Where we have apparently decided we want to rent a boat one summer.

It may be the second month of Autumn but it reached a wonderful 28 degrees and if you know me, my lizard self, it was a great day to just sit down and soak up some rays before winter really is upon us.

We then continued on through bush scenery eating our way through the huge bags of chips fighting over the Pulp Fiction soundtrack and The Crown soundtrack. (Pulp fiction won but my sister and I still think The Crown is up there haha).

Finally we found some horses to stare at and dream about owning one day. Plus we got to let our inner kids out at a park in the middle of nowhere.

It’s days like this that makes me appreciate the little things and how lucky I am to live in such a diverse city. To go from the beach to the bush, rivers to cities to farms really is a luxury. You’d be surprised at what you have available to you when you explore your home town.