Sydney Sights – Delwood Beach

What I noticed when I traveled was how little I explored my own city.

Which is hilarious seeing as I live in one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. I’ve made it a little mission to myself to explore Sydney a lot more, which has led to these ‘Sydney Sights’ posts. So I can share my hometown travels with you.

They will involve places I love to spend time, new places I want to see and my favourite places to grab a bite to eat. I’m hoping that once I have a few going it will become a nice little reference to anybody wanting to travel to Sydney.

The discovery

I first found this mini beach a couple of years ago on NYE, we were looking for a good place to watch the fireworks, climbed up past the aquarium and onto these rocks. This whole pathway is part of the Fairlight walk but we stopped right at the beginning as it had the best view of the harbour for that night. Ever since I’ve convinced my friends to buy an ice cream and chill on the rocks over the beach.

Why I love it

You all know I love it for the view. If you follow my Instagram you’ve seen me sit down on these rocks a million times. It’s perfect for that looking out shot of Manly towards the city. Plus no one really goes to this beach with Manly 5 mins away. So if you want something a little more secluded this is the place to go. It has become one of the places I’ll hang out with friends if we just want an ice cream, need to chat or want to go on a little walk and explore.

How to get there

It is just off Manly Wharf. Most of you will be coming from the city so I say take the ferry across the harbour. This way you’ll get to spend half an hour seeing the secluded beaches along the way. Once off the ferry take a left towards the Aquarium, follow the steps up to the Fairlight walk and you are pretty much there.

What to do

  • Snorkeling; There is a little reef along this part, so it’s a great place to bring a snorkel and have a little explore under the waves.
  • Kayaking; you can hire Kayaks right next to Manly Wharf, grab one and make your way to this beach the scenic way. Explore the other beaches along the coast and find your own spot.
  • Relax; Obviously the best thing to do at the beach, grab your towel, sunscreen and sun bathe all day long.
  • Fairlight walk; for those who want to do a little more exploring and have a good walk with friends. Just keep following the path, luckily Sydney is filled with walks so you have loads more to choose from.
  • Picnic; grab a spot in the shade and with that view who wouldn’t want to snack all day on fresh fruit and sandwiches.
  • Fireworks; If you do happen to be in the neighborhood for the Manly fireworks this is a great stop. Just get there early on to grab those front row seats!
  • Photo-shoots; I’m not sure how many of you would actually be traveling for this but if you are a blogger like me it’s great to have nice spots for that latest lifestyle or fashion post.
  • Fairy Penguins; If you get the timing right you may catch a Glimpse of the Manly Fairy Penguins. I have yet to see one living in Sydney for 24 years but you may have more luck than me.

Sydney is full of beautiful beaches, I’ll most likely be showing you a few more of my favourites in this series. There is something about a more secluded beach that still looks untouched but is so close to the city centre. Why I love Australia so much is it’s the best of both worlds, you don’t really have to choose the city or the nature, you can have both.

Tell me about your favourite beach or place to go in your hometown!