Lunch with Kate Hudson – A look at Volunteering with Business Chicks

It’s been a while since I volunteered for Business Chicks but with Kate Hudson headlining how could I not

As a RomCom lover at heart, Kate has been in some of my favourite movies, so getting to see her talk to women in business was a must! I didn’t fully know what to expect, in my head I imagined her to be a part crazy successful business chick, like her character in Bride Wars, and a bubbly athlete like I see on her Instagram posts. She was that and more. She seemed very comfortable in her skin, happy and hardworking. 

“I’m a professional optimist”

I love Volunteering for Business Chicks because you get to be in a room full of 1600+ women all celebrating their successes with each other. With all the women movements going on it felt very powerful and such a happy environment to be in.

Her Lifestyle

What I loved about Kate is how positive she is. Noting that everyone has their bad days, Kate included, she stated that even so she still had a high base line of happiness. It’s all about focusing on what to worry about, you can either choose to be sad or to be happy. I know what I’d like to focus on. Kate said what I wish every one would come to realize. Mind over matter guys, you choose what to focus on and how you feel about it, she said, “if you look back and go, hey, I spent 6 month really annoyed at this person, or really upset by this job. You’re gonna die anyway, do you really wanna worry about this?”

“I want a life where I work hard, and do this fun stuff…but if it all went to shit and I lived in a hut and made I dunno, bracelets, I’d be so happy, I wanna love my life that way… try not to sweat the small stuff.”

That’s it, don’t stress the small stuff. It may look huge and scary at the time but in the end you’re not gonna care about that person who screwed you over. Work harder at what you love and not at things that bring you down.

Kate also mentioned she is very spiritual in her way of thinking, her household is always filled with entertainment and laughter, so she feels very open in her feelings and happiness. Emma, the CEO of Business chicks was interviewing and asked about how she felt growing older, as they are both the same age with small children. “It’s just gonna happen” she replied, her mum said she and her friends weren’t allowed to say, oh I’m old, until they hit 70, “just don’t do that to yourself saying every year, 30, 40, 50 Oh I’m old, it’s just gonna happen.” Therefore Kate wasn’t worried at all about her age. 

“What makes me happy is to spread love.”

Work and Success

Emma asked her the question we all ask those who succeed in life; How did you get successful? Kate told us all it was, a “lot of luck but mainly hard work. That and love. Really anything you do, especially anything you do that is creative, it is an art, actors are artists, you have to put a lot of yourself in it to be successful in it, it has to be that if you walk away from it you miss it. If I walked away and found myself not caring I’d ask myself what am I doing.” 

Kate compared it with her success of her business, “I think it’s not dissimilar to acting but it’s more about authenticity, as an actor that can be hard as you’re always playing another character.” Acting success is one thing, she mentioned that the business was more than she expected. They didn’t expect Fabletics to grow as fast as it did. Kate said it was just good timing, there was a market for it and no one was providing what they did so it grew from there. 

Within success and work ethic Kate talked about how women seem to have a tough time celebrating their own success. Even being complimented by Emma she was not entirely owning up to the success of Fabletics. Kate noticed that out of all her friends and colleagues, the men were more likely to talk about their success, whereas women would hold back for fear of sounding stuck up. 

“Women have a hard time talking about their success, even I just go ‘oh yeah’, but you know what, fuck yeah!”

I’ve found with all the women I know this slowly changing. Everyone seems to be celebrating each other a lot more and pushing each other towards their goals. I’ve seen a lot of success in women and I’m excited to see more to come, if you’re successful talk about it! Share it around, success can be contagious if we all help each other. 

(Photo from Business Chicks)


I had to talk about movies. The interview wasn’t fully focused on them which was good because we got to see another side of Kate instead of her just being a promo. Emma did however get these quick bits out of her. Firstly there is a musical that should be coming out with all of Sia’s music. Being a big fan of both Kate and Sia I was very excited for this, she couldn’t say anything other than that but I’ll be on the lookout for that for sure. 

Bride Wars was bought up, which was a blessing to my fan-girl heart. Kate said that the first drafts of the movie were for it to be rated R. However the studios thought that no one was going to watch an R rated RomCom so they took it down to PG13 then right down to PG. There was going to be swearing, sex, women in real life situations but instead it was made more into a comedy. 

With the successes of many women lead films in today’s Hollywood, Kate said that RomComs were bubbling beneath the surface again and that they could start having that R rating to make them true to what women actually face romantically in their lives. 

“I’m gonna be doing another romantic comedy”

They do very well, Kate continued, we killed it with bridesmaids to the surprise of those around us, but we don’t make them anymore, that’s gonna change.

Body Image

Being self-conscious is something we all deal with but being in the spot light must put a whole other spin on it, Kate mentioned that today there’s so much negativity that you know the pap’s are just after a bad photo, to have something to judge. Going out then becomes a chore because you can’t just go out to get groceries without someone pointing out your clothes, body shape and so on. It makes you really self-conscious. 

However Kate was glowing, you could tell she really was taking care of herself and loving what her body was. 

“This is the best I’ve ever felt, the most content in my body”

All you need is to be surrounded by love, take care of what you are eating and exercising. Her Fabletics brand really shined through that exercise can be fun and make you love your body.

Women’s movement

With ‘Times up’ and ‘Me Too’ making headlines Emma focused a lot of the interview on how Kate saw it all, Kate happened to be in some of the first groups to help talk about it and spread the word. She did mention however she wasn’t an activist, if she wanted to be she’d want to put her entire being into it as she knew actions speak louder than words. But with her career and wanting to spend as much time possible with her kids, Kate wanted to take a step back from sharing all her political thoughts on her platforms as she knew she wouldn’t do it justice and that’s not her job. 

This said you could see how passionate she was about it. Supporting it 100% and helping support those who are the activist on these issues to her best ability. 

“I think its (Time Up movement) more about us as an industry of women and all the experiences we’ve had to support a larger issue. It may of started with a group of women in Hollywood and all their stories but it isn’t just about us, this is about every field where women are harassed/abused. It’s time for dialogue and to be acted on…”

Kate went on to say we all know someone with an experience if we haven’t had it ourselves. You the reader, me, our friends, we all know the statistics, we all know how common it is. All the friends I have comforted and stood up for because of people who thought they had no power and they could abuse it. It’s a scary reality. But it is changing. 

“For the first time women wanna  talk about it with their friends and share their experiences and move forward, finally able to talk about it, get it off their chests and feel they will not be damned”

Kate was all there with being a community of women and men being there for each other and not be put against each other. This is not just about harassment, but overall women having an active presence in wages, domestics, etc. we’ve had enough. “Look at our history, let’s learn from it and work forward.” No matter the issue we need to start supporting everyone as equals. 

“We’ve been put in a place where we have to compete with each other, but we’re moving away from that”

Working on the day

Volunteering itself, going from a 2 day convention to a networking lunch really makes it feel like a breeze. They are always well organized with volunteers so it’s like using muscle memory now to work at Business Chicks events. I’d recommend them if you were interested in getting volunteering on your experience list, meeting some fab women and listening to awesome talks. 

The day before is always set up, packing the gift bags, setting the tables and getting ready for the chaos of the next morning. There is usually only about 20 or less volunteers at each event so we work closely to get the event going. 

Registration is the first step of the day. I usually love this part most because you see all the glamour and wonderful outfits of the bad-ass ladies attending the event. There was 1600+ at this lunch alone (only 10 were men, don’t worry there are usually more haha!) Once everyone is seated you go around to collect raffles for chosen charities of the guests, membership forms –  where new members get an exclusive gift and help with anything else the guests need. Then you get to listen to the talk! What I love about Business Chicks is all the work is done before and after so you get to stand and the back and enjoy the guests. 

Pack down is always really easy, making sure name badges are collected, advertising is taken down and all is packed and ready to go for their next location. As the events happen back to back the Business Chicks were on the plane to Melbourne a few hours after Sydney was finished. An intense week but rewarding nevertheless.