Fresh Starts

It’s been a while, 4 months to be exact. Within those 4 months I’ve traveled, gone back to the land down under, started working two jobs, started planning future travels and decided to have a redesign of my blog Utter Ardour. I love fresh starts. For someone who has to have everything in order and plan from start to finish, new beginnings give me a shiver of happiness to create something from scratch. Which is what I needed to get back into this blogging game.

I did find myself fall out of love with it for a while, even while I was still writing posts the glimmer of happiness had left my eye and I was just doing it in spite of it. I hated myself for it so I stopped. Out of the blue. But a good choice after all. I learnt to live in the moment again, I spent a day in Paris, I had my first kiss, made a hell lot of new friends, worked, played and found myself again. So here I am, a new me (as cheesy as that sounds) ready to run my fingers across the keyboard again and share all I can with you all. So if you’ve been here from the start or are just joining me here at Utter Ardour, welcome, let’s do this shit.

New Look

As you can tell it is very different here. Not only do I have a new layout I’ve made the move to WordPress! About time I know, but I can be stubborn and I didn’t want to do it because it was the done thing. Alas after looking into it and realizing I needed that extra push to get my creative juices flowing I took the plunge and got ‘pipdig’ to swap me over. By God I should’ve done this sooner! I love everything about it, navigating and creating what I want is a million times easier.

I’m also in love with my new theme, getting to show case a lot more images on the first page will hopefully get me back on the photography game. You can also see a lot more posts so I can catch a lot more interests on the main page rather than people having to search for what they want.

Blog Scheduling

I plan to post every Monday and Friday. You’ll get more of my usual lifestyle, beauty and fashion posts. I’m going to keep up with Travel posts both local travel so you can explore Sydney with me and international travel trips! I have also decided I want more entertainment based posts on this blog mainly being events, as this is what I’m most passionate about. Here you’ll see me attend events, share tips, and even start up a collaboration with friends who will share their convention and event experiences, maybe even some cosplays! Together with more book, TV and movie posts, entertainment will be a cool focus for me this year.

I’m so keen to begin my 5th year of blogging with you all (that’s right 5 years!) and see how this blog grows to bigger and better things. Can’t wait to get back to talking with other bloggers, collaborating and creating anything and everything. Welcome to Utter Ardour.