All In One Face Base


I’ve been using the same powder for years now so when it hit me that I had run out of both powder and foundation in Germany I needed to find a quick replacement that catered for both. I wanted a brand that I semi knew so when I found The Body Shop I went straight in. I’ve been wearing their bronzer for a year or two now so I knew that their powder would hopefully be the same quality and work well on my skin.


Luckily I was right, and I came away with their ‘All in One Face Base’ powder, it is a tad expensive but I have re-bought it which usually means I can see it becoming a necessity in my makeup routine.



Colour: I’ve never had a coloured powder before, opting for a transparent powder since using setting powder in my beauty routine. After swatching a few different shades on my neck ’04’ was the best colour for my skin tone. I was worried at first as it looked extremely dark but once I got that fear out of my mind and had my face and neck covered it was perfect. Then there was the test to use it alongside my foundation. I was scared that it wouldn’t work at all, my foundation is the perfect shade for me as I’m super pale but I was happily surprised when the powder added back an extra dimension and gave some warmth back into my skin.

Coverage: I couldn’t use this a full coverage on most days. I still have problems with pimples and a bit of redness so it wouldn’t cover all my imperfections. However on those days where my skin is agreeing with me and I don’t need foundation (praise those days) a light brush of this to even it out is all I need. You only need a light application of this powder as well, if you use to much you’ll cake your face so go in light and slowly build to what you need.

Packaging: Nice and simple. The mirrored lid was gorgeous until I had to try and photograph it without getting my face in the frame haha! It has a compartment with its own application sponge which works if you’re on the move and don’t have access to a brush. And a mirror inside as well. All in all it works if you fling it in your bag to do a couple of touch ups on the go.


I’m glad I took the leap from transparent powders into coloured as it gives me a more flawless finish. The fun thing about makeup to me is that it’s an ongoing learning process of trying new looks and products and you discover more skills. I can see myself wanting to try different brands and shades in the future, so let me know some of your favourite powders!