UD Naked Heat

It’s the palette that everyone and their mum is talking about, whether you initially loved it or hated it you knew about it. When I first saw Urban Decay tweet about this new range I went insane. I did not have a palette that had red/warm toned shades in it and I’d been looking, so when UD, my favourite makeup brand at the moment had one available I was ready to chuck my money in their faces.



A lot of people dismissed it as they had similar palettes and colours. This didn’t faze me, as I said, I myself didn’t have any in my collection. I knew from my other two Urban Decay palettes that I would be getting the colours I wanted with awesome colour payout. I kept seeing blogger after blogger get their hands on it so when my store finally had it in stock I cried a tear of joy.



It did not disappoint from the get go. The packaging itself is gorgeous, the way the light reflects off the cover is ace. It shuts with a magnet clasp which I love as its a lot easier to open and close, a simple aspect but it comes in handy. The palette also comes with my favourite brush of theirs. A double sided brush, one end is a flat brush perfect for covering the whole lid and the other is a rounded thin brush perfect for blending and creating a crease.



Now onto the colours. The main attraction.

Ounce || Chaser || Sauced || Low Blow
I’d call these the neutrals of the palette, they are the lighter shades. Best for blending and subtle looks. I was worried that they would be too similar or they lightest two shades wouldn’t turn up on my skin, however after swatching them I could instantly see the difference in shades and you can even see ‘Ounce’ on my pale ass skin! After comparing to my Naked 2 palette ‘Ounce’ is pretty much the same as ‘Bootycall’ I don’t fully mind as it is one of my go to colours and works with everything. Really good for inner corner highlights.

He Devil || Cayenne || En Fuego || Ashes
These lovely’s are the matte’s in the palette. I don’t seem to have many matte colours in my eye shadow collections. I mainly use my Naked 2 and Vice which have more of a shimmer range. So I’m keen to use these in my everyday makeup looks. I also lean towards browns and reds for my looks. I have red/orange hair, like a good brown red lip and use a lot of ‘Bitter’ a brown shade from Vice nearly everyday. To now have a range of these in my collection is a god send. I can see these being used in my crease and for quick get ready days by brushing them over the whole lid. Can’t wait to see what looks I can pull off!

Lumbre || Dirty Talk || Scorched || Ember
My shimmery, glitter goddess’. These caught my eye right away. ‘Lumbre’ is a nice soft rose gold shade that I can see myself using to catch the light in the middle of my lid. ‘Dirty talk’ has those orange tones that melt my heart with happiness, orange is my favorite colour so this might be used the most. The last two are gonna be great for blending these into my crease and creating more moody looks. All four are gonna be great for both summer and Autumn and I can’t wait to use them in a Halloween look. Great colour and I haven’t seen too much fall out yet either!



First impressions are looking fabulous. I think this palette is totally worth getting if you don’t already have these shades in your collection. Urban Decay haven’t let me down yet with their products so I’m glad this lived up to my expectations. I wasn’t even too upset with the price, moving to Ireland was a steal in my books as it was way cheaper than I would’ve gotten it in Australia! Thank god for not having to pay for shipping. Urban Decay are a high end brand so the price can be dear to some but for what you’re getting it’s worth every penny.

If you want to see some beauty looks with this palette let me know. I missed beauty blogging a lot! Moving has hindered me from doing this but I’m gonna try and slip some in here and there for you all! Anything you desperately want to see just drop a comment.