Exploring Derry

I got another opportunity to explore Derry and be a tour guide again this week as my friend Zoe was in the UK. I always love it when I get to take a step back and take in the city I live in through new eyes. It was finally a summers day as well which meant I got to take the legs out of jeans for once.

Something about having friends about and the sun shining just makes me a million times happier so I got the camera out, put a new outfit on and we hit the streets. Exploring both familiar and new places, even fitting an outfit photo session into the day.



Primark is not available in Australia so anytime a friend from Australia comes over it is my mission to let them experience the magic. Since getting to the UK I have spent an unhealthy amount of time in this shop and it features heavily in this outfit.

Jumper || Primark
Skirt || Primark
Bag || Primark
Belt || Sportsgirl
Shoes || New Look
Necklace || Birthday Gift

This jumper was a must have for me that I even bought it in black, I wanted more pieces in my wardrobe that allowed my to mix them in with nearly everything to create more outfit combinations and make choosing what to wear a lot easier in the morning. I can chuck this on with skirts, jeans and under dresses so I can easily see it becoming a favourite item.

The skirt was bought in Germany when I remembered I hadn’t packed any comfy bottoms while traveling. Plus it gave me the perfect excuse to get my hands on an embroidered denim skirt. Finishing with the sandals, a brown belt to tie it together, a favourite bag and the necklace my mum got me made it a perfect outfit to stroll around in. I can see myself wearing this look a lot for however many summer days we have left in the UK.


It was unexpected to find so many great places to take photos. I had only just recently read a few posts on making the most out of your own hometown and that every city can make a good backdrop if you look hard enough. They were all right, I now have places I would like to go back to shoot at and have a new inspiration for Derry that I didn’t before. Now just to find a photographer…