San Sebastián Spain

While driving to San Sebastián, the sun and heat finally came out and stayed for our Spain trip, so it holds a special place in my heart. One of the highest tourist spots in Spain it’s very expensive, we only stopped for the day. So Sadly I don’t think I’ll be back very soon unless I run into a lot of money (the dream right). However if you can drive in and spend a couple hours here it is worth it.



It really is a bustling city, the day we arrived there happened to be a bollywood dance showcase followed by a Spanish band while everyone got up and danced. It was perfect. Plus that gorgeous ocean sparkling in the sun while you walk across the harbor. My heaven.



Then you had the buildings themselves. It was the first time I had seen the Spanish/European architecture I had been dreaming about. We also stopped to have tapas so by this point I was able to die happy.



San Sebastián is one of the places that I would be up for going back to again. Over my Spanish and German travels not many cities struck out as places to come back to. This is an exception. I’d love to see more of what San Sebastián has to offer.