Park Güell

You know that scene of the Cheetah Girls in Barcelona when Raven does that hella high kick on the tiled bench overlooking the city? Well I’ve always wanted to go there since. I may of had some obsession with those girls. So when I found out the tour we were on DID NOT include it, I took it into my own hands to book tickets and make my own way to my Cheetah Girl dream.


Park Güell is a must see if I do say so myself. It is so unique and magical. One of the works from Gaudí himself who has built some of the most wondrous and out-there architecture I’ve seen. 



The crowds to this place were insane, so I do suggest booking tickets way ahead of time. Luckily there were slots left online for my friend Zee and I, so we only just got in! The parks surrounding it are free so you can stroll about and still see parts of the main park from the outskirts. But this is me, and I needed to sit on that iconic bench!


The views are also spectacular, I feel like it should’ve been part of the tour because it was an amzing site with a Barcelona back drop, what more could you want?