In a little town called Hamelin comes the world known tale of the Pied Piper, who saved them from a rat infestation with his magical pipe…

Hamelin is a quaint little town. Quite small, it allowed you to experience a genuine German town without all the crowds and chaos. We strolled the streets, ate at a traditional food market, (yes to all the sausages, which I usually don’t like but when in Germany…) and chill surrounded by locals. Hamelin is also the town of the famous Pied Piper.

Throughout the cobble streets are stones replaced with rats, you get to follow them throughout the town. Statues of children and the Piper himself are scattered throughout. On the main building is also the tale and real facts that are known about the incident/myth.

No matter what you think actually happened; children were kidnapped, killed off my the plague or actually stolen by a magical pied piper the city brings the myth to life. The Grimm brothers were where I first heard about the Piper so to be in the town where they based one of their stories was epic.

So in the little town of Hamelin the Pied Piper saved them from rats. They did not pay their debt. So many a children disappeared from the town, never to be seen again. I insist you to visit yourselves and listen for his magic pipe.