East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery is the longest part of the Berlin Wall that still stands today. Turned into an outside art gallery showcasing political art all the way to cartoons. It is a must see for anyone staying in Berlin, part of their rich and scary history. It was the top of my list so I was ecstatic that we got a sunny day when we walked the lengths of it.

The comparison of the epic artwork on such a horrid piece of History really hits the nail on the head of making beauty out of a bad place and showing you can grow, learn and move to the future. This place really makes you stop and think.

I wish I could have taken photos of every piece but 1; I would have been there all day and 2; you now have to go for yourselves and see it in person. The abstract ones caught my eyes the most and anything with colour. 

There was also part of the second wall still up so when you went between the two you could see how strange it would have been to wake up one morning with a wall dividing you from friends and family. How helpless you would have been made to feel to not be able to climb over two small walls to get to the other side.

Plus while we’re talking about a wall separating people and how it’s amazing that it’s not there anymore in this day and age. Let the below photo sum up what is happening at the moment and lets look to the past to not repeat it in the future, ok?