A step into history…

Everyone knows that Germany is rich in History. Being able to physically be there and see it all laid out in front of you, gives you a whole new glance into it making you stop and think. 

Don’t judge a book by its cover, or a beautiful building either. It may just have secrets and a dark past. I found it strange how something so pretty could hide such cruel truths. I’m so used to the ‘what you see is what you get’ mind frame, so to step into these places like the one below left a chill down my spine. 

This house was used for many of the meetings on the concentration camps and the horrors they would commit over the years.

The amount of power structures Hitler produced for himself was insane. Just looking at them gave you goosebumps. You could tell how he thought he was more powerful than anyone else and wanted to be placed on a pedestal.

Standing, looking out on these buildings you could hear him screaming “look at me, bow down to me” it made me feel sick with the immensity of it all. His obsession with power. The rally grounds below, which have all been transformed into sports arenas, were huge. How could one so evil gain that much of a following. 

When you step into a concentration camp, it’s like you step out of your body and into another inconceivable world. I lost feeling of my legs multiple times. It felt as if the whole place was holding its breath. It is one thing to know about this happening in History and another to be standing where these people stood and seeing the hell they were living. This camp was never used as a gas camp. They had one set up but it was never used. With that said, I still felt like vomiting and crying when standing there. 

The trees you see in the third photo below were planted by the ones lost who were kept in the camp. I think it says something about how their memory and lives live on in something so beautiful.

When you stepped into any of the memorials in Germany, it was like stepping into silence. The one below in Berlin is smack bang in the city centre, but you would have no idea once you step within the concrete blocks. A silence falls and the further in you walk the lower down you get, soon you are surrounded by blocks. It’s intense. 

Each memorial makes you want to remember and reflect. From the small ones hidden in parks to the massive statues around every corner. They do their job of remembering those from the past and they make you want to improve the future to not repeat the mistakes of the past.

No matter what part of Germany you’re in, you are bound to come across part of it’s history. Coming from a city that is so generic and doesn’t show where it came from it was an amazing thing to see.