Town I loved so well…

“In my memory I will always see, a town I loved, loved so well…” these lyrics have been one of my lullaby’s since I could remember and have always given me a nostalgia for Derry. This city has always been a big part of me even though I have only been twice before.  

I feel like these small childhood memories of a large family, small streets and a history of chaos made me want to come back for a lot longer than those small holidays before. Luckily before I try and make a life over in Europe I get to take a tour of Ireland! However I did come a week before hand to rest, re-learn the city and take photos for you all to enjoy! I feel like I’m home already and that I just slipped perfectly into my Irish family as if I never left those many years before.

Whenever I get wifi access I will try and upload more photos! I’m in Galway at the moment so you have a lot more to see! 

Love Always,