Giants Causeway

Giants Causeway is a must for anybody thinking about traveling to Ireland, this was my second time climbing over these amazing rock forms from many years ago. Legend has it that it was created by an Irish giant Finn MacCool to go up against the Scottish giant Benandonner in a fight. Multiple endings have been told, so I’ll leave it up to your journeys to the causeway to pick your favourite. 

We were so very lucky the day we went up, no rain whatsoever and we were visited by a massive pod of porpoises, jumping out of the water and everything! The sight was magical.

Even though I love the legends and magic side to all stories, I still love the feat of mother nature creating rock formations so perfectly shaped that appear in more than one country. Being able to see how everything was merged together all those years ago makes you see, even a little, of how mighty the Earth really is.

 (Last three photos taken by @maddiegib on instagram)

Love Always,