Belfast is an interesting city, to be honest I didn’t really know what to expect. I hadn’t heard much about it at all in fact so it was all unknown. The city itself is beautiful and full of life (and a lot of pubs), then we went out into the suburbs on a black cab tour and oh my, what an eye opener. Having family from Derry I know a lot about the troubles between Catholics and Protestants but seeing the gates and that giant wall separating the two in Belfast was a whole other story. It was intense.

Physically seeing how divided it all was in the flesh made you step back and realise how much hurt is still in the country but, this said, the steps to moving on and helping create a better future for the kids was amazing as well. I feel like I had to look back at myself and see if I was prejudice, the scary thing was part of my was! I’m very thankful that the tour allowed us to delve into the history of Ireland and allow us to witness both parts of the story. This makes me keen for the future of what Ireland has to offer. 

The last day of the tour of Belfast we got to head into the Titanic museum which was AMAZING. I wasn’t expecting much as the movie is not my ultimate fave. It did bring me around however, the museum was breathtaking, with replicas, voice memo’s of those who survived the disaster, a mini ride in the exhibit and just the immersion of it allowing you to grasp the scale. I’d really recommend checking it out if you have the chance, I left with goosebumps.  

 All in all Belfast was a bright and chaotic city which I may visit again, it is well worth putting as one of your destinations when visiting Ireland and I highly recommend the black cab tours as they are full of laughs and information from both sides of the wall. 

Love Always,