Windy Wellington

It took 23 years, for dad to finally walk me down his childhood streets. Mum got in first taking me to Derry but I’m glad I went to where dad was at this age. I don’t think I would’ve appreciated it as much if I was younger.

Wellington really is the windy city, its bloody freezing and the wind keeps on coming. I think that’s part of the charm.

Being from Sydney myself, it’s a small city compared. Just look how cute it is, being surrounded by hills and mountains, plus a harbour! It was a bit disorientating being able to peer through tall buildings to see a whole lot of green. 

The people, the houses and the art of the city makes it look like an artist threw their work all over it. It’s full of so many styles and trends. Every one in their own style, the houses quirky and graffiti art over all the walls. The city is for those who live a more creative lifestyle. 

I loved the architecture of this city, most of the houses were made of wood (for Earthquake reasons, which is strange for my Aussie mind haha) but all had unique character to them. Some had steps and ladders leading up to the front doors on the second levels, each was painted in different colours to suit owners, and all had that unique touch to them which never made you feel stuck in the suburbs.  

Looking around at all the houses my dad grew up in and all the places him and his friends ran amuck at was actually very interesting. The amount of times he got in trouble or nearly died would surprise a lot of you; blooming youths haha. 

Seriously, how my dad is alive today with all the motorcycle accidents, car accidents, falling out of trees astounds me. Luckily he did make it otherwise I wouldn’t be here haha!

One of my favourite places was the botanical gardens,I love being surrounded by trees and flowers. It brings out my inner child and love for magic. You never know what you’ll find around each corner.

I’d love to make a trip back to Wellington, it’s such a beautiful city. Plus I did end up getting used to the wind and cold. I’d love to spend more time there to see it in sunshine though! 

Let me know if you’ve been and what your favourite spots were! If you haven’t what are your favourites cities to visit?

Love Always,