New Zealand

New Zealand was always a country I knew I would visit. With dad being from Wellington, our family had it as our number one destination next to Ireland. So when we finally got the funds, and, with me leaving for Europe, we decided our last family trip would be to the country next door. 

Why we didn’t do it sooner, who knows? With it only being a 2-3 hour flight from home town Sydney its easier to get to than going within Australia! It is so beautiful over there, the air is fresher, there are hills and landscape for days and you just feel lighter being out of a city and thrown into the country side. Going from beaches, to hills, to mountains of snow is also a plus!

I don’t think there was any part of the landscape that didn’t take my breath away. It felt very similar to Ireland. The only real difference being the type of green. Which sounds strange but Ireland has a more Emerald lush green and New Zealand’s is softer. Compare this to Australia where it’s a dry ashy green it makes these countries very appealing to me haha. 

We had a massive road trip over the two weeks driving from Auckland, down the East coast to Wellington, then back up the west coast. We got to see so much of the North Island, however we could’ve spent weeks at each place we passed. There’s never a small supply of activities and sites to see. 

The above was one of my favourite places. Even though it smelt like rotten eggs in specific places, Rotorua was jam packed of activities and hot pools. It was amazing to see these holes made from the Earth that bubbled and sent waves of sulfur clouds from the ground. It made the Earth feel more alive and dangerous which gave me a new way to see the landscape around me. Plus those hot pools are so relaxing, I could sit in one forever just to fix my back!

The beaches were constantly changing as well. Up North at Coromandel they were picturesque, with white sand, clear blue waters and Islands off shore. Heading down you got more grey sands and rough waters, on the West side near Mount Taranaki you got the volcanic black sands. But one thing they all had in common? It was like stepping into an ice tank. I didn’t go swimming much!

Speaking of Mount Taranaki, I’ve now seen a bloody volcano! It was amazing and I wish we could’ve stayed longer just to get a closer look! The west coast overall felt a bit rushed and if I was to go back I would stay there longer to take in the sights. It was more lush, the trees looked older and the landscape was more wild than the East coast. I would totally recommend staying there for a while. We also got to see the glow worms. You can’t take pictures as it effects their living space (which didn’t stop one tourist, I nearly leaned over to knock her phone in the water for being so rude) but believe me when I say you need to check it out. These little worms create a blue galaxy on the cave roof, its breathtaking. 

There will be 3 more New Zealand posts coming up! If you are thinking of traveling here, please do! I want to go back as soon as possible, plus I think my sister wants to move there haha. If you’ve been let me know what you loved most!

Love Always,