We’re going to Narnia!

If there is a list of fantasy worlds I dream of visiting Narnia is always near the top of the list. As soon as New Zealand was a definite yes, it went to the top of my must list for the trip. Coromandel, NZ, is one of the most gorgeous places Ive seen. You go from rolling hills and country side right down to tropical looking beaches and Islands. 

One of those being Cathedral Cove. The backdrop to our first glimpse of Narnia in ‘Narnia and Prince Caspian’. 

It’s a 40 minute walk from the road down to the beach, this trail is long but once you hear the waves crashing onto the shore you get tingles of excitement. I think I pinched myself once I walked through the same cave as my Pevensie babes. It really is magical. 

Cathedral Cove has been on my bucket list ever since I found out you could go there, having ticked it off feels amazing! I would love to spend a lot more time here if I ever get the chance. Highly recommended for people who love secluded adventure mixed with relaxation. 

Let me know if you’ve been to Narnia yourself! What are your top fantasy places you want to visit in real life?

Love Always,