We’re going on an adventure! 

Narnia and Hobbiton all in one trip? New Zealand is fantasy world central, all I need now is to go to Hogwarts. Hobbiton is on private land, making it completely hidden from anything else. Driving over hills and arriving at the welcome sign gets the adrenaline pumping to walk through the trees into Hobbiton. 

You actually enter where Bilbo runs out in the movie screaming “I’m going on an adventure!” I would’ve recreated it but I got embarrassed being surrounded by strangers haha. 

Every detail of Hobbiton is realistic and makes it feel fully involved as a real world experience. All the fruit and vegetable gardens are 100% living and used for the farm, the furniture looks well used and loved and it comes together to create a real life village full of hobbits. 

Bilbo and Frodo Baggins house, sits proudly on it’s hill looking out on the whole of Hobbiton. You can see it from the moment you walk into the village and the anticipation walking up towards it is insane. 

It is as perfect as you could ever imagine, I think I giggled to myself when I walked up to the gate. My sister who hardly shows emotion was ecstatically smiling the whole time. Which gives it the ultimate tick of approval

My favourite Hobbit hole was the blue house below, all the flowers screamed house of my dreams. Our family also seemed to really love all the little washing lines, it was super cool to see the tiny clothes, it was a nice touch. Each hobbit hole had its own unique personality to relate to the Hobbits who lived there. There was one for a baker, wood maker and there was even a hoarder/slob haha.

We all know the best hobbit is Samwise. He is totally the hero of the story, lets be honest. I was more excited to see his hole than Bilbo’s, I think that tells you a lot about me. The yellow door stands so vividly against all the green and browns. It was an epic time to actually stand in the spot where he greets his kids and wife at the end of the movie. It is one of my favourite scenes, I may have fangirled a lot at this point.

At the end of the tour you make your way down to the Green Dragon, here you can grab a beer and one of the best meat pies I’ve ever had. Whats more amazing is that they built the whole bar, burnt it down for LoTR’s, then built it exactly the same down to the last detail for The Hobbit. Talk about hard work people haha.

There and back again the tour could’ve lasted another few hours to please me. I would even be up to going back to experience it again just to take in even more details. 

I’d love to hear if any of you have been to Hobbiton yourselves, if not what is your favourite LoTR movie? 

Love Always,