Six People

What I’m most looking forward to when traveling is meeting a whole lot of new people. I will miss those I already have in my life but being able to expand my social network with those overseas is exciting. I can’t wait to talk to people with different opinions, insights, hobbies and loves. To be able to grow alongside new friends will be a highlight.

There are so many people I would love to meet, I obviously couldn’t list them all (there is a LOT of you, trust me, my twitter friends grow by the minute) so as this is post six in my travel countdown I had to narrow it down. 

Alice | Alice was the first person I think I told my travel plans to, I am so excited to meet her. She inspires me daily with how she lives life, follows her dreams, pushes herself, her videos and blogging. I know I will probably jump for joy when I meet her in real life, so, Alice, be prepared. We will do a lot of shopping, a lot of talking and probably a lot of screaming. I’m loud so get ready for it haha!

Adrienne | I will have to pop over to Toronto or we shall meet each other in New York, either way, I need to meet this pop rocket ASAP. I can’t wait to see her in action, my ultimate girl boss at the moment. Adrienne just doesn’t stop! I can’t wait to talk for days, shoot some blog photos, have lunch and coffee and just chill with this girl. 

Jemma | Jem is a gem herself. Wonderfully kind, passionate, loving and giving. Since finding her blog, seeing her create the girl gang (which is ultimate girl love goals) I’ve been wanting to experience that compassion in real life. To be honest, I’d love to just give her a hug and let her know how much she means to others. I’d also love to go out for a drink with Jem, I feel like that would be hilarious (Gary can come to haha). 

Charline | I would love to meet Charline in person! A ball of energy and light she’d be, I genuinely know she’d be an awesome friend and entertainer. I’d love to go makeup shopping, sing along to songs and just chat for hours. Charline would be easy to get along with and heaps of fun to go on adventures with. 

Kati | If I make it over to America I’d love to bump into Kati. I know we will just end up listening/dancing to music, watching movies and fangirling for hours. We may fight over who Steve Rogers is dating (Tony duh ;P) but in the end we’d get distracted by how pretty they all look anyway. 

Jackson | You may have seen Jackson in my last travel post. I’m adding him to this list cause I think it would be cool to meet another Aussie overseas (I’d miss our accents let’s be honest). Jackson is down to earth has a wicked mind and makes awesome videos. I feel like he’d have great travel advice and be able to show me places I wouldn’t be able to find on my own. Gotta love people who think outside the box and have a great sense of freedom. Plus it would be epic to watch him take photos in real life, he has talent my friends.

Over all my list of people to meet is ever growing by the second. I have made contact with so many amazing people via this blog and twitter. I can’t wait to expand my horizons not only literally but relationship wise as well. I want to spend my travels in good conversation that is stimulating, weird and most importantly fun!

Love Always,