I’ve made some changes around here.

I feel like it’s been a long time coming, I stopped posting, lost some motivation and I felt out of touch with the blog. It didn’t feel like me anymore, plus it wasn’t the way I felt it needed to be for what I want to be doing.

After spending way to long just staring at my blog and not doing anything, I bit the bullet, bought a new theme by the stunning ‘pipdig’ and spent all Friday redesigning. 

I’m super happy with how everything has turned out. It is exactly how I want it to look leading up to my travels and will suit travel posts so well! It’s simple, eye catching and still has my signature orange. I just have a good feeling again.

Along with the new layout, I updated my about me, contact page and even opened up a shop for commissions to help me save for Europe. I cleaned up my side bar and added a map so you can see where I am in the world. It’s mobile friendly, and I finally got my domain name!

Post wise I want to expand a bit, while still being able to go back to my roots. I want this place to become more of a diary. I want to be able to completely document everything I want, while also posting about beauty and fashion faves now and then. 

I want to be able to experiment and get a feel for how I like to travel blog. This way I’m not limiting myself to a certain writing style and can be myself. 

I would love to know what you think of it all. Please do tell in the comments below.

Love Always,