Grand Opening Haul | Beauty

There is nothing quite like a grand opening, the bright lights, new features and all the new stores *heart eyes*. My nearest mall recently went through renovations which bought to me all the shops I usually travel over an hour to get to! I’m ecstatic, so of course on opening day I had to go on a little spree right?

My main two stores to check out was the new Mecca Maxima and lush! That’s right I have lush now which means I have to be very careful how much I’m spending. I really wanted to find Glam Glow’s Gravity Mud Mask so that was my first stop. I had seen Arden Rose use it and it makes your whole face silver so it was a must try for me. It was $98 but luckily they had a pack of 4 of their masks for the same price so I could try them all. 

It came in a gorgeous box and I’m so excited to use them all. Hopefully I get a lot of uses out of them and I can try and do some reviews. As it was grand opening day they had a deal where if you spent $65+ you could pick a prize from their envelope wall. Basically it was a wall of envelopes, you pick one and inside is a surprise gift. Guess what? I magically picked the envelope that gave me Urban Decay’s Naked 2 Palette! MUCH EXCITE!

I am looking forward to try a million more looks with these colours. Best gift I’ve received in ages. Now onto Lush. My wallets downfall. But alas I now own Snow Fairy for the first time so I consider that a win.

I got three bath bombs; Frozen as I want that magical blue bath, The comforter as it smells so welcoming plus its pink, and Northern Lights a deeper smell but looks like it will release a fantastic display of colours. We shall see. 

With this I finally got my hands on the snow fairy shower gel that every blogger and their mum raves about. My favourite lip scrub Mint Julips rejoined my collection and I bought a charity pot which is a moisturiser but 100% of the money goes to a charity they choose every few weeks, this time was a women’s shelter. 

Typo also reopened so I grabbed these pins because I like thinking I’m a bad ass and who doesn’t like mermaids? Other shops we got that I’m excited for were Topshop, H&M and Sephora. There is also a gelato place now, goodbye money!

Let me know if you have any of the above and what you think of them! 

Love Always,