Bikini Daze | Fashion

November marks the last month of Spring which means time to focus on new swimmers to wear throughout the Summer! I’m hardly a person who buys specific brands, until it comes to my swimmers. I am a Seafolly and Jet’s girl at heart. I’m pretty sure for the past 4 years I’ve been in Seafolly heaven. 

This summer I am leaning towards sporty style bikinis. I love the cuts of them and the patterns they involve. Give me cut outs, textures and big statements and that bikini is mine to fall in love with. 

I have a preference for two colours simple black and then all orange, blue sometimes comes into it as well but this season I think I’ll be picking one of those two colours.  

Along side my bikini daze I also am in love with what full pieces are out there at the moment, they really tie in the sporty look I’m in love with and you can play around with so many styles and looks. 

I mentioned different cuts of bikinis, I like the unusual. Which is a nice way of saying I like bikinis that are just going to give me weird ass tans later on. I mean it, I get the weirdest tans. Cut outs on hips, chest, even stomach depending on the style. If it’s out of the norm I am there, give me an architectural design and its a keeper in my books! 

The above bikinis are some of my top picks for this summer. I feel like I’m going to lean more towards Jet’s this time round as they are killing the game this season! I had to show you some Seafolly as well of course! 

In order from top to bottom

Plunged Swimsuit Luxe | Jets

Plunged Swimsuit Awaken | Jets

Optical Wave Bikini | Seafolly

Mesh About Bikini | Seafolly

Modern Tribe | Seafolly

Cross Front Bikini Top | Jets

Banded Bikini Pant | Jets

I’d love to hear what you look for in a bikini! Are you more of a two piece or one piece? What colours do you like? Tell all in the comments.

Love Always,