7 Things I’ll Miss | Travel

Travel means a whole load of new experiences, foods, people and exploration. However, it takes a lot to pick myself up, fling myself across the world and stay there for 2-3 years. For the majority, I’m super excited and keen to leave Sydney behind for a while and try somewhere new. With that comes a lot to miss while I’m gone. This past month, leading up to buying my one way plane ticket, it hit me harder than it recently has. Here are seven possible “I miss you so much” situations.

The Wildlife | Might be weird to those who think that all Australian wildlife is out to kill us. Which, yes, kind of true, but still! I love the sound of Kookaburras so not hearing their crazy laughter in the morning will take getting used to. I may even miss the fear of swooping season and being on the lookout for magpies. Okay, so it is mainly the bird life I’ll miss, along with the occasional sun bathing lizard (I relate to these lizards so much). I won’t miss nearly stepping on snakes and all the spiders that could kill me within seconds…

Being so close to the sea | Where I live, there is a beach always within approximately 15mins no matter where you are. I’m traveling to cities and towns where you will have to travel far to reach the shoreline. Not that this doesn’t make them beautiful, just that I feel a tad claustrophobic when I can’t get to water fast. This will be an interesting experiment.   

Routine | Sounds so boring to others, but for me I love routine. Knowing what I’m doing, where to go and not having to make decisions 24/7. Decisions make me anxious. I will have to throw this all away in my travel, rely on instinct and take what comes at me. Let’s see how I adapt.

My books | AKA my babies. They are my most valuable possessions. I’m going to miss their smell, feel of the familiar paper and the stories they hold. You can’t bring a whole library with you when you travel. I may have to get a kindle *gasp* that’s right… electronic books, the horror. 

Milk | I’m very picky with my milk. This is enough said. They better have great tasting milk wherever I’m going. 

Friends | My amigos, my sestras. The friends you make are your chosen family. I have spent so many years with the friends in my life at the moment that it will be a big shock to the system not having them live down the road for a quick girls night every now and then. I will miss hearing their exciting news and even their rants but I am looking forward to making even more friends. I know the ones I have now will still exceed with me not their and I love them so much for what they will achieve. Know I will have your back and be cheering from the other side of the world. Thank god for the internet though to keep us close!

Family | No matter how many times they get on my nerves I will miss them the most. I have never lived with anyone but these hooligans. They are who I go to first to tell them everything going on in my life. To not have them being so near will be hard and I feel like I will rely on skype a lot while I’m gone. 

When you go traveling what do you miss? How do you handle these feelings? Let me know!

Love Always,