The Versatile Blogger Award

I’m back, my internet is back, everyone rejoice! Blogging world how are ya? How’ve you been? It’s been a while and I’ve never felt more in love with having internet haha. To start my posts off I thought this one would be a great one to come back with as it includes 7 facts about myself. I’ll be reintroducing myself after being silent for so long!

I was nominated by the lovely Steph over on ‘stephiimattea‘ another lovely Australian blogger who I can chat to for ages over on twitter about everything, but mainly Harry Potter, duh. She is a beauty blogger with lifestyle, food and fandom thrown into the mix. Highly suggest you check her out. 

1 | I have a white spot on my front tooth. My front teeth are also chipped.
Chipped from a rollerblading incident, which we won’t go into because remembering it hurts. The white spot however is even weirder. My enamel didn’t form properly as a baby so its caused problems with my teeth but I have a huge lot of it condensed in that spot so therefore white spot.

2 | The deep sea, desert and space make my claustrophobic. This is strange as that means fear of small spaces and these are large and open. I do get the same feeling though as if I’m trapped and can’t get out.

3 | I used to believe that at 19 I would stop aging forever and my witch/mermaid powers would kick in. As a little child my imagination ran away with me. Plus all those movies about 16 year old teens becoming mermaids. I chose 19 because it is my favourite number. Sue me. My 19th was very boring however and not much did happen. I did wake up on my 16th though with what I thought was a unicorn horn, not the magical creature I was expecting. The mountain of a pimple went down in few days…

4 | I still have my first ever teddy bears from when I as a kid. My favourite is a bear which I called Little Ted. Yep, very creative. Plus I later found out (after his wedding to another toy) that he was in fact a she. Mum took his pink tutu and bow away so I didn’t choke on them as a baby. So my favourite teddy is transgender, I wouldn’t have him any other way.

5 | I grew up catholic with a bit of wiccan thrown into the mix. My mum is a catholic but believes in respecting the Earth and strong forces. So I was baptized into the Catholic church. I do believe in God, I have thought about if he was real or not but there’s this part of me that scoffs at that and goes “you know he is real” and I can never shake that. I don’t mind, he is a pretty cool dude. I also have a very strong connection to the Earth and elements around me. I can feel energy’s and have even done a spell or two. A bit of a weird mix but it works for me so I’m gonna enjoy it haha!

6 | It took me years to fully be able to talk to guys. I went to an all girls school through high school. That’s 7 years with no contact with boys. Yes I knew friends of friends, or any boyfriends, but it wasn’t people I could have hour long conversations with so I didn’t know how to communicate. Luckily I can talk to guys no big deal, as adult me realized they are just people, not some aliens I can’t talk to.

7 | My favourite TV show is Orphan Black. I am using this fact as a way to turn all of you into addicts of this show as well. Join the clone club! This show is fantastic! Tat’s acting is outstanding and the plot is insane. If you do anything else apart from read this post, go and start this show! My favourite clones are Helena, Alison and Krystal. 

Rules of the game:

– Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog.

– Write down 7 facts about yourself

– Nominate 10-15 bloggers who you’ve discovered/follow regularly. 

Basically a great way to learn more about each other and find new blogs to love and follow!

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I know that isn’t 10 but the rest of the nominations go to all you who want to do it! I’d love to know more about people reading my blog so link me if you do!

I’ll see you soon with more posts! Now that I have internet hopefully they are more frequent.

Love Always,