Scents of Summer | Lifestyle

For some
reason summertime brings out my love for smells; the sea salt air and water,
fresh fruits, perfumes and candles. So I thought why not show you my two
favourite candle scents, seeing as I’ve recently re-bought them and they are
pretty enough to take photos of. Plus it might spark you to share your
favourite candles and we can be in candle heaven together.

I’m one of
those people that go for the sweetest smells. The fresh ones that just wake you
up, make you want to eat, and lay on a beach all day long. 

Let’s start
with a scent that’s makes you want to drool over fresh fruit on a beach front
and lie in the sun for the rest of your life. Exaggeration? Maybe. You can
decide.  ’Connoisseur Sweet Rockmelon’
The name speaks for itself, fresh rockmelon, a slight sweet smell to liven up
the room and remind you of summer days.

This candle
is a soft peach colour, so perfect to fit into a white bedroom with beach
interiors. The clear container is just a basic cylinder with a flat lit making
it easy to fit in anywhere or pack away if not in use. 

Now my
all-time favourite from Glasshouse Fragrances ‘Tahaa Vanilla Caramel’. I live
for this scent. If a smell was a drug to me it would be this one. Overly sweet
it is like stepping into a candy store packed to the roof with all your
favourite chocolates, toffees and caramel delights. 

A caramel
warm gold colour this candle sits in a more decorative clear glass. The lid is
more of a display piece compared to the rockmelon candle. It is meant for
display tied with lavender ribbon and its name tag on the end. 

Both these candles are a statement in my room and are always going to be smells I repurchase. They will have a lot of use in the coming summer months, I‘m keen to have their smells mix with the salty breeze now that I love closer to the beach!

I would love to know what candles you love at the moment. Do you have seasonal candles as well? Tell all in the comments!

Love Always,