Modern Ghoul | Witch

I would by lying if I said I didn’t do this series just to use the pun ‘Modern Ghoul’ because lets face it, I laugh every time. I’m won over my puns what can I say? I wanted to do a more laid back, funny modern twist on Halloween this year. Making modern girls into Modern Ghouls.  

So meet Di Selene. 

Di is named after two moon goddess, Diana the goddess of the new moon and Selene of the full moon. Her favourite colour is purple, she wears an onyx around her neck which protects from negativity and she is stuck in the 90’s looking up to her fashionable sisters in ‘The craft’. She mixed up the 1990’s with the 1690’s. The fashion from the first and the magic from the second, plus the hilarious use of the choker to symbolize her fallen sisters. She says it’s a political statement. 

A feminist at heart, with a love for candles, plants and dresses. Di would be best friends with anyone in seconds, unless you diss her cat, then she’ll spend a week trying to figure out if she can turn you into a toad...

Outfit details

White shirt | Cotton On

Dress | Vintage from mum

Shoes | H&M

Hat | Cotton On

Make up details

Eyes | From the Vice Urban Decay palette; ‘Harlot’ on the lid, ‘1995’ in the crease, under they eye and inner corner, ‘Underhand’ to deepen the crease and under the eye. Eyeliner is ‘Perversion’ Urban Decay Razor Sharp.

Lips | NYX Liquid Suede in ‘Vintage’.

Di is the first in the Modern Ghoul series. Possibly my favourite, I would wear this outfit always if I could, I felt super awesome. Plus let me know what you think of this silly series. Halloween is always about fun for me so I wanted to just blast stupid humour in your face. Halloween is about dressing up and becoming different characters, so that’s what I want to create!

What would your witch name be? Tell me below!

Love Always,