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If there is one thing Urban Decay does to catch my heart, it’s to make an eyeshadow palette of bright shiny colours *heart eyes*. When I first saw this palette the greens in it caught my eye, they were perfectly screaming Slytherin colours. Then I saw the orange and I knew I needed it in my life. After convincing myself it was worth the $98 (we can all admit I’m still a cheapskate at heart haha) I have been using it nearly every day since! 

The palette has a total of 20 shades! So you‘re always spoilt for different looks. There is a multitude of colours for all sorts of occasions, it includes both glitters and mattes as well!

Shades 1-5
Delete | A nice matte dark brown, I usually use this to cut my crease in my more natural looking eye looks. It is extremely pigmented so I use as less as possible and then add when needed.
Crowbar | I haven’t used this shade that often, it has yellow undertones to it and added glitter.
Low | A darker version of crowbar, mixes of yellow and brown tones with the glitter mixed through.
Flame | One of my most used shades, because as you all know, it’s orange. Mixed with the most glorious glitter. It isn’t as pigmented as most so it takes a couple applications but it is still one of my favourites.
Bitter | One of my favourite plain brown mattes. It’s a nice soft brown and goes with most looks, I use it a lot in my everyday wear.

Shades 6-10
Robbery | This is a gold/green shade that comes out sheer and glimmers on the eye, not one I use often but I want to mix into more looks in the future.
Arctic | The darkest of the greens, it has hints of glitter but the most matte out of the three. Very pigmented. Slytherin approved.
C-Note | An olive green shade, it’s nice if you want to slyly add colour to your look. Again the pigment is glorious with this shade.
Grasshopper | Lighter than Arctic but with a lot more glitter. I found all the green shades pigment was top notch so you would only need to do a little application at a time.
Discreet | Discreet is well, discreet haha. Would have to build this shade up, it also has a purple tinge to it.

Shades 11-15 
Harlot | A nice light violet colour, I use this in a lot of my pink and purple looks which I’ve been wearing a lot of lately. Its great for blending out the purples or wearing on the lid.
Underhand | A nice deep purple with a pinch of red tones. One of my favourites from the palette which I wasn’t expecting!
1985 | A lovely hot purple-pink which I would wear everyday if it was acceptable haha! I love this shade it looks like it belongs in the 80’s so perfect name fit. Good colour pay off as well.
Fast-Ball | A really nice soft pink. I use it alongside 1985 a lot to blend it out. Would also be lovely on its own.
Framed | My favourite matte shades from the neutrals in this palette I use it as a base for the majority of my looks it is great for blending it out into my skin as it matches my colour. It has become a staple shade for me. 

Shades 16-20
Pandemonium | A glittery plum purple. Great pigment and awesome for a dramatic smokey eye.
Beat Down | A nice deep blue-purple. Reminds me of the deep sea, glittered and great pay off.
Deadbeat | The black shade, with a heap of glitter. I love that they gave me a just plain black to work with. It has come in handy every now and then!
Grip | A really soft green-grey. I haven’t had a chance to use this shade at all but looking at it again now it would be a really versatile shade.
Bones | This is a glittered version of discreet but with more of a gold tinge and a lot more pigment.

Overall I am super pleased with buying this palette. The pigment is insane, unlike anything I’ve tried before. The colour ranges give you so much choice and there is a look no matter what mood you’re in or what you’re wearing. I would highly recommend this!

Let me know of you have an Urban Decay palette what do you like/dislike about it. Do you have a favourite colour above? Let me know!

Love Always,