Life ATM | RaiRambles

For those who don’t follow me on twitter (which you should do as I update there regularly) you may not know why I have recently gone silent, poof. We moved house again! Exciting and tiring times. With that comes lack of internet *shrieks* and no internet sadly means not being able to post.

So how am I posting this you ask? Dad bought himself a mini wifi set up and I’m stealing it for a few precious minutes to talk to you all. 

This is our new view by the way. Each morning I get to watch the sunrise over the ocean without even leaving my bed. It totally makes up for not having any internet and TV (mostly). 

So some new little updates to keep you on your toes till I can start regularly posting again:
I hope to have a mini Halloween outfit series go up in October.
There will be a collaborative travel post go up ASAP with a few of my favourite people giving advice for newbie travelers like myself. 
There will be a book review/art piece on “This Modern Love” a 3 part series which I hope goes to plan.
Plus more beauty posts which I seem to be making a lot of recently. 

So luckily a lot to look forward to but I can’t give any dates due to internet companies being very bad at their jobs. Background, we were told we could get cable internet so we moved in. Contracts all signed and BAM “sorry we can’t put cable internet into this apartment”. If I could look at a camera like they do on ‘The Office’ I totally would folks. 

We now have to downgrade to slower internet which probably means a lot less YouTube which will break my little heart. But it means I can still blog so praise the lord for that.

In the meantime please bear with me. I am still here in spirit and haven’t forgotten the blogging world. Let me know any posts you’d be keen to read. What you want to see more of and just any thing you want to comment on really, I’m always keen for a chat.

Till then my Rai of Sunshines (I’m gonna call you all that from now on, okay?)

Love Always,