Kill them with Kindness | #OOTD

Did I tell you I saw Selena Gomez? Well I did last August and it has taken me this long to actually get the photos of what I wore to the concert, thank you procrastination. I hardly took any photos at the concert due to actually enjoying myself and being starstruck by her beauty haha. So instead of an event post you get a fashion one.

Due to it being winter at the time I did opt for a leather jacket and jeans, to keep me warm before and after the concert. Once inside I was able to just wrap the jacket around my waist and dance all night in a midriff. Midriffs are my go to and with summer coming up you may see more of them.

Along with this I wore my converse. Flats are the only way to go for a concert, I dunno how people wear heels or boots. I would just twist an ankle, my dancing doesn’t allow for anything but flats, for my safety and others. I also grabbed a black belt, a daisy pin and a choker.

The choker I am super proud of as I made it myself! I saw how much they were being sold for and decided I would try making my own, for a lot cheaper, and it worked. So I am officially on the choker bandwagon.

The concert itself was amazing. DNCE opened and it was pretty awesome seeing a Jonas Brother in real life (even if i wasn’t Nick, he was my fave ;P). If you want a great concert just to dance wildly to and sing along with DNCE put on an awesome show. Selena herself was absolutely gorgeous and I kept turning to my friends asking if it was real. Being a huge Disney fan I was star struck. Her voice, the costumes, dancers and stage were fantastic! 


Let me know what your favourite part of the outfit is! What is your go to concert wear? 

Photos taken by my lovely friend Nikki, you can find her over at on instagram @leavemebreathless_  

Love Always,