July to September | Favourites

These last
3 months have probably been the most normal and hectic of the year so far.
Moving house, working constantly and saving for Europe hasn’t led me to find
many new favourites. However with the select few I do have they are some of my
most loved items at the moment so I could gush about them all day.


Urban DecayVice Palette | This was something I didn’t think I would get. It cost me $98 but
before I knew it I saved it up for it. I am so pleased with this palette. I’ve
wanted a palette that has a mix of bright colours for ages. I already have two
natural looking palettes so I didn’t want to get the Naked Palettes. The vice
just screamed out at me. It had similar shades to the Alice in Wonderland which
I never got *cries* and it still came with muted colours that I could do a
variety of everyday looks with. The pigment is out of this world and it has
made me not want to buy anything but UD palettes ever again. Also the brush
that comes with it is insane! I feel a need to buy all their brushes ASAP
(someone lock my bank account haha). 

NYX JumboEye Pencil | The shade ‘Cashmere’ to be exact. I have been living for this
pencil. I mainly use it for the inner corner of my eye, it not only makes me
look awake but the shine to it makes me feel like a goddess. I’m obsessed. I
also like covering my lid then adding extra glitter for a light everyday look.

Colour Stay Gel Envy
Shade ‘030 Beginners Luck’ I wanted to get back into the
habit of painting my nails again leading into summer when I am obsessed with
bright colours. Seeing as it was Winter leading into spring and I’m mainly just
working at the moment I re-discovered this soft pastel pink. It’s enough to add
a little sparkle but still simple enough that it wasn’t too in my face. It goes
with everything as well so I don’t have to worry about mixing it up. It’s a go
to item and will probably still be throughout summer when I want an escape from
my bright colours.

Chi ChiPeach & Mango Perfume | Seeing as I want summer this instant I’ve been
living vicariously through my perfume. Mangoes have always screamed; Summer,
December and my birthday. So having it in a fruity scent I can have with me 24/7
is a god send. 


Pins and
Yes I joined in on the patch craze. Once I get high waist shorts I
love, you just watch out for the patches, imma go crazy. Also why haven’t we all
been using pins forever? Easy to swap from outfit to outfit and add a finishing
touch. My favourites have been; ‘the girl gang’, roller blades, daisy and
lightning strike. 

Mustard Top
I saw this hanging in Sportsgirl and fell in love instantly. I don’t own many
mustard yellow items but I absolutely love clothing in this colour. No idea
why, I’m just very attracted to it haha. I can see this becoming one of my
staple pieces as I just want to wear it all the time.

Chokers | I
hated these to begin with. Not with how they looked, they are so pretty, but
with how I literally felt like I was being strangled. Also the prices of them
are insane! So I decided to at least try and make my own for the laughs. It
worked however and I realized it wasn’t that bad and now I want a million more!


I’m not one for horrors and thrillers. I get scared very easily. So
easily I sometimes even cry. Yeah, I’m that person. But everyone and their mum
was talking about this show. Then I saw Dustin’s face and that little cutie pie
was the last straw. I ended up bingeing it in a day and a half. It was
addictive. Like woah is this show good. If you haven’t watched it yet I
recommend it highly.

What is this you may ask? It stands for The Amazing Tour is not on Fire. AKA
Dan and Phil’s live tour. Which they bought to Australia! It is part of my
favourites as it was just an overall great night. I went by myself but felt so
comfortable as it was just full of laughs and their YouTube videos bought to
life. Plus I got to see them in the flesh after watching them for years, Phil
is an absolute cutie pie and I’d marry Dan in an instant. I’d show/tell you
more but we aren’t allowed to spoil (also we couldn’t take ANY pictures) as
they are bringing out a YouTube Red movie about it.

Modern Love
I read this within 1 hour. A collection of love letters to crushes, to lovers
and those from peoples past. It was so beautiful having personal stories all
together showing how we all can feel the same way, that we aren’t alone. 

Bully Series | I don’t usually add things of my own in my favourites but I was so
happy with how this series turned out and the response it got. I put a lot of
work into it and I hope that it helps a few of you who need it. 

Selena Gomez | I got to see a childhood favourite in concert! Selena was incredible
live and it was literally a dream come true. Been watching her since I was a
tiny kid and she was on Barney flash forward to 22 year old me seeing her for
the first time and bam she had to land in my favourites!!

Another 3 months favourites done and dusted! Let me know what you’ve been loving recently! Any similarities to mine? Stuff you want to recommend? Let me know in the comments.

Love Always,