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Brand Loves is back with NYX! I started getting into NYX recently and have accumulated a lot of lips products from them. I have had one of their eye shadow palettes for a while but my love for them has only just begun! 

Brand Love
Again this is another brand that my sister recommended. She is watching a lot of beauty gurus at the moment who suggest animal cruelty free products so she is my beauty guide ATM! My first experience however was last year at Halloween when I needed a eye shadow palette, NYX had the right red shades and was on the cheap side. Grabbing it thinking it would get me through just one day I discovered how amazing their products were. In the last couple of months it’s been a love story since!

Price and Quality | As I said NYX isn’t overly expensive counting it as a drugstore brand. The quality of the products doesn’t fail from this either they give good pay out, last ages and become a staple in your routine.

Cruelty Free | Yay! Another cruelty free brand! I‘m trying to get into the habit of reaching out for these products to help animals in a way that I actively can. It just makes a product 100% more appealing to purchase.

Range | A huge range. Literally everything you want on your face make-up wise I’m pretty sure NYX has it. I mainly have the lips and eye part of their range. But I’d like to check out the other products they have to see how the compare.

Eye shadows | I have two ‘Love in Paris’ palettes; Merci Beaucoup which is my most loved with natural shades and reds and A La Mode which is a monotone palette good for bolder looks. They give good pigment pay off, I do need to put primer on my eyes for some shades to stay but compared to other drugstore palette these are top of my list.

Pencils | I have two eye pencils and a concealer pencil. The concealer pencil is called the ‘Wonder Pencil’ I have it in the light shade. It can be used as a concealer, eye brightener and reverse lip liner. I find it works best for my eyes and tiny spots you need to quickly hide. It doesn’t do much for my lips however, I’d still just go for a normal inner liner. Then the two jumbo eye pencils. They are super smooth to apply and look oh so pretty. The shades I own are ‘French Fries’ a dark gold shade and ‘Cashmere’ which is a light gold and my favourite, I use it to brighten my corners.

Glitter | Glitter is a new add to my makeup collection. I just couldn’t resit the glitter guys haha. I use these ‘roll on shimmer’ for extravagant eye looks or if I’m off to an event just to add sparkle for fun! The two shades I own are ‘Nude’ and ‘Green’. It has a smell to it as well, I couldn’t figure it out so I got my mum to smell it and like myself the only words that came to mind was a vintage scent. We were both reminded of our grandparents and childhood, therefore I’ll say it smells like nostalgia.

Lips | Here is where I start getting obsessive. I am trying all their different formulas just to see what I like on my lips so far I have three types of formulas.

Butter Gloss; This is super sticky when first applied. It is the softest on my lips so I wear this if I am feeling overly dry. The shades depend on how much product you need to use. My darker shade ‘Chocolate Crepe’ only needs one coat but my light red shade ‘Cherry Pie’ needs a couple. As they don’t dry matte you do need to reapply after eating etc. But they still look great. They also smell like the flavour, so we all know the chocolate is my fave. I could eat it.

Liquid Suede; I tried these out to see if they would be nice on my lips. It is a smooth application and is great if mattes wreck your lips. Probably the messiest of the three. Unlike the butter gloss however you only need one coat. I own ‘Vintage’ and ‘Cherry Skies’. They hardly have any scent to them at all.

Lingerie; The loves of my life. These mattes lip colours are the first I’ve tried where they don‘t feel horribly dry on my lips as soon as they are applied. They dry super fast and I don’t find myself applying much during the day. My favorite colour is ‘Ruffle Trim’ is has hints of reddish pink in it and suits my skin tone super well. I only just bought ‘Baby Doll’ to see what a light shade would look like I feel like I may have to use it over a dark shade to not wash out my lips! Apart from that I’m super happy with how they work and will probably buy more. They only have a faint smell and it is sweet in nature.

Let me know what you think of NYX. What is your favourite from them, your least favourite? Discuss below!

Love Always,