To my puppy Cooper.

I’m gonna be upfront and state this post is entirely for me. You can head past go and collect your $200 and skip this if you want. But this morning my baby boy Cooper passed away and well… I just need to write, or vent or just do something. My something is blogging cause hey that’s my thing now.

I don’t think a lot of you knew I had a dog in the first place but I have since the beginning of my highschool years so its been a while. We adopted him, well my Grandma did. Technically his owner had to choose between her dog and her boyfriend and well she made the wrong choice. Which ended up being the best choice as we got to rescue him and take him into our lives.

Cooper was a Maltese Terrier. He had one brown eye and one blue. He was embarrassed of panting and he thought he was a cat. He disliked other dogs immensely and for a time was scared of all males. His favourite food was Chicken and he preferred it cooked (he was also a diva haha). His blanket of choice was my sister furry pink blanket and he was absolutely spoilt.

As soon as he saw me he jumped over to me and licked me non-stop aka it was love at first sight. I’ve loved him ever since and he to me. 

So there isn’t a real point to this post. I could write one on grief and all its ups and downs. How you laugh about a memory one moment but then remember his last breathe the next and it brings you to tears. All I know is that he had a bloody good life. So fuck the cancer that killed him. He will be my little puppy always. 

I love you so much Cooper. 

Love Always,