The Cursed Child Review | Books

The whole world got talking when we found out that the ‘Cursed Child’ was becoming a book, everyone was super keen we could dip our feet back into the Harry Potter world again. I was no exception, I was thrilled! I heard about the leak of the book and people said it wasn’t as good as we wanted but I held back and waited till I got my copy to make judgement! This will be spoiler free until the very end but I’ll let you know when they are coming.

Here are my thoughts on ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ by Jack Thorne, John Tiffany and J.K Rowling. 

I’ll start by saying I thought the characterization was on point, I loved how they wrote the characters. Everyone acted just how I thought they would after 19 years and Scorpius and Albus were no exception. A bit of background for a second, as a young teen I madly fell in love with Draco and decided that Scorpius was mine so I did feel a very big connection to this wonderful boy so I am thrilled with how they wrote him! He was every bit as funny, smart and wonderful as I wanted him to be!

You could see that J.K gave them a lot of direction for the characters and their natures 19 years on. 

The plot line was a bit eh. Now seeing as I didn’t read into anything on what the Cursed Child would be about I went in very blind. But it didn’t hook me as much as I’d like. I forgive it going fast due to it being a play, it fit for what it was. It’s just the world itself wasn’t pure Harry Potter however I feel like it was more based on its subject matter, to how families will do anything for each other.

It was more a play on displaying the connections of family and friends in tough times using the characters from the story we love so much. Rather than what I was expecting, another Harry Potter story. I had heard a lot of people throw around the term ‘fanfiction’ and let’s face it at times it was totally like reading a bad fanfic (I’m not ditching fanfic BTW I LOVE fanfic sterek for life and I’ve cried in some). It came down to moving the story along fast enough to get information across to an audience of a play by using very child like terms.

So what does this mean? This would be a much greater story, seeing it as it is supposed to be. Seeing it as a play. 

With all the special effects, acting and the thrill of being involved the fanfiction parts would seamlessly disappear and you would be following Albus and Scorpius grow and learn in a new light.

I got a real sense of family via this play. It displayed how kids learn about friendships and family via the use of the Harry Potter world. Such as it
may take time to learn from each other and we may have different
opinions but we come together when we need to. All families have
their ups and downs, especially the Potter’s haha and friends are your life savers.

It was a bit bittersweet as it used the core values from the Harry Potter books we came to love. 

So overall? I can only grab a few bits and pieces of this book to place it into our wonderful Harry Potter world but as a stand alone book? Well I have to give it the chance as a play and say it was good. Not amazingly great but swell enough to read in one sitting to give us a glimpse of the world we have come to love. I would’ve liked more detail, less child like terms that make you shudder and a more realistic sense of self.

Ratings you may ask? 

What I wanted it to be: 5/10

What it is as a play: 8/10

Plot wise: 6/10

Characters: 9/10



– Okay first I cried when Severus arrived. When Scorpius turned around and he was there like man I cried, real tears. Turns out I am totally still not over his death haha!
– Voldemort day. Enough said I fucking laughed so hard.
– Voldemort having a kid? You’re kidding right? He had no concept of love that must’ve been the worst sex Bellatrix ever bloody had haha
– Albus being in Slytherin made me so happy! Slytherins rule!
– I really wanted a glimpse of Teddy TBH
– Ablus and Scorp OTP ;P
– I wasn’t expecting all the time travel! Plus Cedric being a death eater yeah right the only character they really screwed the fuck up
– I loved seeing Ron and Hermione relationship a bit more. I missed their awkwardness and brash love for another haha

Did you read the book? What were your thoughts? If you haven’t do you want to? Also let me know if you’ve been lucky enough to see the play!

Love Always,