Pretty in Pink | #ootd

Wedding bells are ringing! Can you believe I’ve never been to a wedding before now? I was very excited! If you read this post you know I was on the hunt for a dress and now you get to see what I finally found! You’ll be surprised that it’s not fully floral haha!

I got this dress from Phase Eight about 4 days before the wedding itself and I’m in love! It’s a gorgeous pale pink colour which I wouldn’t normally go for but I think its amazing in this lace form. The lace forms flowers, so I did manage to get the floral in there somehow! I had to go for a midi cut and I think it’s a perfect cut for my body type. So it’s wins all round.

As it is winter here in Australia I paired it with my dark navy tailored jacket I found in an Op Shop for $5, bargain anyone? The navy works perfectly with the pink softening the look rather than having a harsh black. The dress is also warm itself as it has tulle under the shirt which gives me warmth and that princess lift ;P

I also nabbed my mums vintage heels which matched the clutch I took to the wedding (and alas forgot to bring to this shoot! Whoops haha)

Look at me awkwardly modelling while in a public place haha! This was the first shoot I did in public so please excuse ;P 

What’s great about this outfit is after dressing it up, I can dress it down as well. Just chuck on your favourite black boots and leather jacket and BAM two looks for one! 

How was the wedding you may ask? Beautiful! I nearly cried haha my friend was gorgeous and they were adorably in love! 

Let me know what you think of the dress! What is your favourite styles to wear at a wedding? Discuss below!

Love Always,

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