My Hair Journey | Beauty

I’m red again! Well technically ‘Mahogany Copper’ so it will hopefully be okay for work haha! You’ll know it’s not if you see me whining about it on twitter. Till then I thought it would be a great time to do a ‘hair journey’ post. I’ve seen a couple bloggers do this so it ain’t original but I love seeing all the ups and downs of people hair. So now you get to ogle at mine!

My journey started at a very young age, of about 6 or 7. My mum decided she wanted to dye my hair red and I eagerly agreed. I walked into my catholic primary school proud and head held high (they were horrified) but I was addicted.

Colours and ages |
6-12: Red Long hair, reds in different shades I experimented with very bright in your face reds and darker more natural shades. 

15-16: I cut my hair short and put in awful layers and a side fringe. At this stage I was brunette again but I bleached streaks into my hair and made them bright purple.

16: This was my scene/emo stage, I went back to bright red and for some reason decided to add two thin, long electric blue extensions into each side of my head. Hey I thought it was super cool at them time.
17: I got a bloody awful front fringe (like seriously it did not suit my face shape at all) and went the brightest pink known to man. This later changed to cotton candy pink. A lot of friends told me I looked like an anime character haha!

18: I went back to Brunette with an ombre finish. I started to grow my hair out again and tried to be on trend with everyone else.
19-20: Red again (can you see a pattern?) and I went to a very dark brown.
21: This is where I started getting shorter hair again, I cut it shoulder length and became a copper colour, which I adored.
21-22: Cut my hair all off to my above my shoulders! One of my favourite hairstyles, I think the short hair made me look more my age. But for now I am growing it out again and I’m mahogany copper! 

There is a lot more experimenting I want to do but as I said above my job doesn’t allow me to have ‘unnatural‘ hair colours. Maybe before I leave for Europe I’ll go full on blue! That’s the dream…

I guess what this proves is that I trust you all with my high school self haha, but hey, we all have those awkward stages mine just lasted years longer!

What is you least favourite and favourite hairstyle you’ve had? What is one you are dying to try? Let me know!

Love Always,