Happy Birthday Utter Ardour! | I’m TWO!

August is the month of my blogs birthday! I’ve been blogging for two years now! Can you believe it? I certainly can’t, it feels like just a few months ago I posted my first ever post. Terrified of putting myself out there and having no clue what blogging actually would be to me. 

6th of August marked the first post of this blog. I state in that post that I started blogging to discover who I am, express myself, grow and learn. Which I believe I have done a lot of over these two years.

Thinking back I don’t think I would actually last this long. I wasn’t one with sticking to things wholly created by myself. Why I started? I think I was another one of those blinded by Youtubers and Bloggers success and thought it would “totes be easy” alas it was bloody hard work. It still is. However, I have a fully changed mindset on why I’m blogging. I blog because I get enjoyment, challenges, creativity and friends out of it. In time the numbers stopped being all I looked at and I started enjoying the small engagement I got from my readers and furthering my skills not caring what others thought. 

It became my passion project, leading to the name change of ‘Rai Erin Rose’ to ‘Utter Ardour’. The re-brand changed everything and I’m still so happy I decided to do it!

This was the quote I used on my first ever blog post. I think it still fits perfectly with what blogging is about to me.

“An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.” 

– Edwin Land

Lord knows I have tried and failed multiple times within the time of this blog. Over time I have come to learn that this isn’t a bad thing. Breaks are needed. New directions can be a good thing. Failure is how you learn and how you and the blog grows. Don’t be scared of it ever.

I’m very proud of what I’ve done. I may not be growing as fast as people who have been blogging for less time. I may not be as good as the people around me, but for what I’ve done compared to how I started is amazingly different and I’m glad of my process!

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I’m happy that there are so many posts I’m proud of over these two years! I have learnt a lot and think there is a lot to celebrate! So to round this birthday out this will be followed by two more posts in the next few days!

Look out for;
5 Things I’ve learnt from blogging over the past two years!
A giveaway! That’s right my first ever giveaway and it’ll be available for the UK and America as well as Australia! (I love you guys! Enough to pay that shipping price WHO KNEW IT WAS THAT MUCH hahaha)

Lastly thanks to all of you who have stuck around from the start, to all my new followers, to those who leave me comments and anyone who supports me and has become my friend. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Love Always,