Cheeky New Find | Beauty

There is no doubt on the obsession bronzer has had within the beauty community lately. I, myself only started using it everyday recently and the need for it is strong! I dunno what I was doing with out it. However as I stated in this post, I’ve been using the same bronzer I first tried 6 years ago. I think it’s mighty time for a change, don’t you think? 

I think I fell into a sense of security with the one I have now. I know how it looks, how much to apply and what to do if I mess it up. I’m not gonna be the one to lie about bronzer going horrifically wrong, so seeing as I grew comfy using the same old thing I realized it was time to branch out a bit and try something new. Seeing as I also have been wanting to try a blush in powder form this one caught my eye, Natio’s Blush and Bronze.

What attracted me to this was not just the shimmer (but that helped, I seem to be attracted to anything shiny these days haha) but that it doubled as a blush and didn’t give an overflow of product. Meaning I can slowly build it up and not worry about going completely brown which would be overly obvious on my extremely dead looking completion haha.

This product isn’t overly pigmented, it comes up great if you swatch it with your fingers however picking it up on the brush is harder to do. Seeing as it is a bronzer this can be nice not going over the top from the get go. I do find however (the impatient being I am) I do find it a little annoying sometimes building it up and up but hey each to their own but it is great for me seeing as I am a beginner. If it had more pigment I may go to over the top haha! 

I’d now like to experiment with products that have a bit more pigment, I’ve heard good things about the products below, however I would love any advice on any you know that are great for lighter skin tones!

Let me know below what bronzer has you *heart eye* emoji and which ones you would recommend for fair skin! Any tips also appreciated!

Love Always,