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You all knew it was coming, I couldn’t have a brand love series and not include Biore so lets get started shall we? If there is one brand that I have fully invested in, it’s this one It may have started with my love for Shay Mitchell and seeing her sponsoring this brand (hey turns out celebrity endorsement works on me, who knew? haha). 

After I tried out the charcoal cleanser it spiraled from there and I ended up with the majority of their range, so let’s look a little deeper into; Biore

Brand Love
I’ve known about Biore for ages but I had never really given a thought to my skincare, it wasn’t til starting the blog and looking into what worked for others that I first discovered some bloggers talking about the brand. The final push for me was Shay becoming a face for Biore, probably the only time celebrity endorsement worked for me. I was curious about the charcoal cleanser (cause the thought of using charcoal other than for art made me curious.) The effects on my skin were noticeable, I had never looked clearer. 

Price and Quality | Luckily for me (and my wallet) Biore is found at any drugstore or food shop. So I can grab my lunch and the newest part of their range in one go, pretty handy if you ask me! The price ranges from $5-$13 I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than that, plus I also grab them when they are on sale. They last me a good 2-3 weeks depending on how often I use the product. Quality wise they’ve been a godsend to my skin so it’s a win, win.

Range | They have something for everyone! The products help with oil, dirt, blackheads, pores and more. So they most likely have a product to tackle that problem area you have. I have tried products from nearly all of their ranges and have been successful with most! I do prefer the charcoal range rather than the baking soda as it just helps my skin more. Others have preferred the latter so its trail and error.


Charcoal Cleanser | The golden child *heart eyes*. For those who don’t know charcoal acts like a magnet to dirt removing it from your pores in a more effective way giving you a fabulous clean. I also just love how it feels on my face, you feel cleaner as soon as you use it. 
Smell: Earthy and fresh.

Unclogging Scrub | My newest addiction and the most fresh feeling. My skin feels like it has entered a mint pit haha you know that feeling you get when you feel like you’ve just entered the ocean or started chewing on gum? That’s your face. It is a very creamy formula and your skin feels instantly smoother. 
Smell: Menthol and grass after it rains.

Moisturizer | The only product I didn’t like on my skin that I still own. It just didn’t give me enough moisture. I get very dry skin and found this was too thick and didn’t sink in how I wanted.

Heat Mask | If you know me I love a good heat mask. Literally anything that heats up my face in a soothing manner I’m hands all in. These only have to be left on for a minute, you can feel the charcoal doing its thing and you feel the dirt leave when you wash it off. If you don’t have time for a full on mask but still want a clean this is for you!

Toner | This tightens my skin instantly. I can literally feel my pores shrinking and tightening. So it definitely does its job. I do recommend your favourite moisturizer ASAP as you can feel a bit dry afterwards, but once that is done I always feel confident that no extra dirt will be seeping into my skin. 
Smell: A tad like alcohol and it’s quite sharp.

Blemish Scrub | This is a step up from the unclogging scrub, that one feels smooth whereas this one you can feel the beads working their magic. I use this at night everyday as I always have a blemish or two after wearing makeup and this just give me extra prevention. 
Smell: Flowery and like a new spring day.

Pore Strips | Like most pore strips I’ve used they remove about 80% of the dirt on my skin. I make sure they are on till they become rock hard and there is just that glorious feeling when you peel them off and you can see the dirt go bye-bye.

Again this isn’t done in sponsorship with Biore, I’m just spreading the love. Part two is done and dusted and I have two more in the works so I don’t know how long this series will be!

In the meantime let me know if you’ve used Biore, what did you think? What skincare brand wins the title of your own brand love?

Love Always,

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