Blog Birthday | Giveaway

Surprise! My first ever giveaway! I knew I wanted to do one for a while because I love you all and you deserve nice things haha. So I decided that my 2nd birthday for the blog would be a great time for one. This is open not only for Australia but for the UK and America as most of my readers are from those places and I will pay the shipping cost for you haha ;P

So what is in the giveaway you may ask…

 …well the winner will receive;

– 2x Rimmel nail polishes in ‘Oragina‘ and ‘Bestival Blue’ (Utter Ardours colours!)
– A typo Notebook in white with rose gold flecks
– 6 colourfully decorated Typo pens 
– A pack of Biore Charcoal Heat Masks
– One NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in ‘French Fries’
and last but not least!
– An illustration of you done by mwah in either my pop art style or cartoon (your choice, you’ll send me a pic and I’ll get drawing!) This will be printed out on proper photo paper plus I will email you the original so you can place on your blog/twitter/FB etc

The prize is worth approx. $65 not including the postage which will be hella a lot haha but I‘ve been saving up for you all! (Secretly hopes someone from Australia wins haha)  

This is all just a huge thank you to all of you who have put up with me for the past two years and will hopefully put up with me for many years more! Just enter below!

The Rules |
– The giveaway is open to the whole of Australia, New Zealand, UK and North America. And Canada cause Adrienne lives there so need to give her a chance haha. 
– I will make sure everything is packed nicely and securely. I will be mailing it through Australia‘s standard delivery which will take 6+ days with tracking. Which means I am emailed when it is posted, arrives in your country and is delivered. I can’t be responsible if the package is lost, stolen or damaged I will send you proof of postage however! 
This will be running from 16th August to the 30th August. Winner will be announced on the 31st. From there I will get the winners photo they want drawn and once that’s done it will be sent out! (Most likely a week after depending on how much I can draw between shifts!)

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Good luck to you all! Thank you once again for giving me two years of fantastic blogging! Look out on the 31st of August on my twitter for the WINNER! 

Love Always,