9 Must Haves | Travel

Let’s face it, by must have‘s I mean what I want to bring with me rather than what I really “need” haha. We all know the essentials but these are a few items and electronics I wish I could have when I head off on this adventure! From the basics I need to the extravagant luxuries, here is my wishlist for my 9 travel must haves!

1 | Noise cancelling headphones; Let’s face it when its plane time I wanna cancel out anything and everything. I’ve heard about the headphones from ‘Boss Noise‘ being very good quality so if I could I would buy these for the trip! I hate planes so anything that can distract me from the sound of them, people and crying babies is a must!

2 | My camera; we can’t go anywhere without documentation can we ;P. I will be bringing my camera for sure, gotta get those outfit shots and a picture of me sitting on a cliff looking out at natural beauty haha! I have the Canon G7x.

3 | Fitbit; I asked my friend what she would want to bring and she suggested a Fitbit! Such a good idea, being able to track and see how far you’ve traveled in a day would be great!

4 | Sleep mask; I like my privacy. I like foxes. This seems like an obvious choice to block out the world, have some rest and plus its hella cute! I’ve seen this one in Typo and I’m tempted to buy it every time.

5 | Sunglasses; I’m hoping to get contacts before I go so I can actually own a pair of sunglasses for all those hot sunny locations I plan on visiting, hello Greece! I love the look of raybans, they’re expensive but oh so pretty *heart eyes*.

6 | Face mask; I have dry skin already so you do not want to see this face on a plane. I’ve heard Arden talk about Glam Glow masks so thought I would add this moisturizing number onto my list.

7 | Passport wallet; Kikki-K always does stationary right and they also do travel accessories to die for. This wallet and passport holder make me want to jump on a plane right this second. Plus organization is a key for my survival!

8 | Kindle; There is no way I can carry all my favourite books on the plane so I’m going to have to give up my beautiful hard-copies for a kindle. It’ll be handy to have reading on the go with a whole library at my fingertips however I will miss the smell and feel of a real book haha.

9 | Suitcase tags; A basic I know but I saw these airplane tags in Kikki-K, and they’re orange, so I automatically fell in love didn’t I!

So only 9 months to go till I leave for my travels and 9 ‘must have’ items that I’ll dream about taking with me!

What are your travel must haves? Anything you think I need to take with me? Let me know in the comments!

Love Always,