5 things I’ve learnt from two years of Blogging

Blogging for two years I’ve come to learn a whole lot of new skills and experiences. Technically I’m still very new to this whole blogging game but some things have stuck and I’ve discovered others that I wouldn’t have thought of when I posted my first blog post. But here we are my blogs 2nd birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! With it 5 things that I have learnt about blogging.

5 Things I’ve Learnt

5 | It is totally okay to take a break
I was so terrified the first time I decided I needed a break. I thought I would lose all of my readers, my blog would be labeled as a failure and I would never get back into it. Over time I now realise it is so important to recognize when breaks are needed. You come back so refreshed, with an open mind and ideas start to flow from your fingertips. I’ve actually written a post that goes into more detail about taking breaks.

4 | Experiment 
Don’t be afraid to try new things. I did an interview series to see what it would be like, I have done a couple collaborations (I really want to do more in the future!), I even started posting my own artwork which soon lead me into getting my love of art back! I‘ve been drawing again ever since plus people seem to like it, bonus! You will hear some people say you need to stick to a niche to be relevant, I say screw it. This is your space, your blog, experiment as much as humanly possible! You’ll never know when it will create something amazing, and failing well that makes you learn and get better. Failure is your friend.

3 | If you feel uninspired look to others
When I was going through my re-brand and feeling rather down on what I had, it was bloggers on twitter and in the comments that gave me confidence boosts and gave me information and advice which gave me more inspiration. Don’t be scared to reach out to those who inspire you or have knowledge you know will help you. 

2 | Numbers don’t define you, stop comparing
We all get there. Getting caught up on the numbers can be a down fall. I’m in no way saying they are unimportant. I promote my blog as much as the next person. But, when this becomes the only reason you keep blogging, you lose the love behind the posts and people will notice. Remember that your blog may be something you want to turn into a business or career however you still need to have the passion, love and drive behind the posts otherwise they are just gonna be hollow. No one wants to put out a superficial post, so don’t listen to the numbers.

Then there is comparing yourself to others. A bad habit I still have but I’m trying to get myself out of. It‘s easy to look at bloggers around you and see them growing faster, come up with breathtaking ideas and just be unhappy with what you have but what you have is entirely yours, which make it amazing in its own light. People will read and enjoy it. So forget what others are doing and focus on yourself. On bettering yourself and overall just enjoying the ride and hard work.

1 | The people you meet will be some of the best
Get out of your comfort zone and talk to people. Twitter and comment sections are your friends. Utilize blog chats. If I hadn‘t of had the courage to join my first chat I may not be blogging today. The bloggers you meet will help you when you‘re down, make you laugh, brainstorm ideas and soon become some of your best friends. So go ahead and write that comment, join in on a twitter chat or just start a conversation you never know where it will take you!

There are so many other things you learn while blogging. I‘ve gained a confidence I otherwise did not have, learnt new skills and tried new things I wouldn’t have before. If you are new to the blogging game, are thinking of blogging or just in a rut I hope some of this helped you! 

Let me know what you’ve learnt over the years (or months/days) below! 

Love Always,

|| Special Mentions to: Alice, Adrienne, Charline, Charlie, Noor, Areeba, Jemma, Steph, Mia, Bec, Kati, Dora, Clem, Brooke, Uli and many, many more who I’ve met via the interwebs ;P ||