Zoo Photo Diary | Lifestyle

The best thing about having a little bub in my friend group is we can use him as an excuse for us adults to run wild around the zoo haha! So we took him on his first trip to the zoo which ended up being a lovely warm, sunny, winter day. I thought it would be another great photo diary for you all!

Paint me like one of your French girls. haha. The kangaroos are always good for a laugh.

Now for a few pictures of my ultimate favourite animals. Plus a few of my favourite shots. I seem to like safari type animals aka Meerkats, Elephants and Giraffes. The monkeys are always highly entertaining as are the lemurs. Gotta love King Julian ;P

Outfit wise I rocked my mom jeans with a striped tee and my very well worn sketchers haha.

This post is a selfish one as I wanted to have a place to keep this memory. So if it wasn’t up your alley I’m not truly sorry ;P haha But if it was I hope you enjoyed!

Let me know what your favourite animal is! 

Love Always,