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Supanova is one of the highlights of my year. This years was absolutely one of the best yet! I got to meet Tyler Hoechlin who is the celebrity I would choose over all others to meet, I got more RT merch, met new friends and took pictures of my awesome pals who cosplay.

The vibe was just overall happy and full of love this year, the panels were insightful and fun plus I got to re-watch Lazer Team so that is always a plus! So let’s take a photo journey to see my time at Sydney Supanova!

Look at this angel! I went to both of Tyler’s panels, he was very easy going, had a lot of laughs and was very genuine in all his answers. It’s so lovely to see people you admire and for them to be as kind as you have always wanted them to be. I even got the courage to ask him a question! (Which took a lot of bravery as I hate public speaking and there was a lot of people!) I asked him about his improv role he did for ‘The blind date project’ he said it was one of the best and challenging experiences of his life, that it really pushed him and he would be interested in doing it again in the future. (Plus he looked at me the whole time answering and my oh my those eyes people *hearts*)

I also took a shot at photographing my friends in their cosplays! It was a lot of fun. Very interesting compared to shooting my shots for fashion posts! Them getting into character is awesome! 

Brianna was a gorgeous tiny human being! I mean she even looks good pulling a face c’mon! haha. She is super smart as well and I loved her in the panel, she had a major crush on Ryan Reynolds and was so keen to work with him in Deadpool. Another fangirl people!

Eugene was a young teenage dream to meet. He was one of my first celebrity crushes when watching him on ‘House of Anubis’ and now that he is on Game of Thrones it made meeting him even more epic! I even got to chat with him for a while and he is one of the most British/posh sounding people I’ve met. His accent is AMAZING! Plus he is so sweet! Like the niceness of him was overwhelming, I even got a hug!

I saw Tyler a total of 8 times that weekend. He loved the drawing I did for him above which made me so very happy. We weren’t allowed to get proper hugs so when I got the photo you first saw (me side hugging him) signed I decided to try and chat with him a bit more. I was so close and after three days FINALLY looked him proper in the eyes. They are beautiful, I will remember that moment forever. Even though I don’t remember what I asked him and I was probably a mumbling mess, I talked to him, looked him in the eyes and yes I asked for a hug. Which I got, those mere seconds were the best of the weekend.

Guys. I got my hug from Derek Hale. Life complete!

–     –     –     –     –

So that was my super jam packed weekend! I had a blast!

Let me know what events like this you’ve been to! Met anyone special? Discuss below! Let’s fangirl together!

Love Always,

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