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My skin has finally started to settle down via this routine (watch how I’ve probably now jinxed myself haha). My friend even asked if I could send my routine to her so tada here is a blog post! This is for my spa days aka my extensive routine. I wouldn’t do all these steps everyday as you would most likely do more harm than good! 

I’m gonna show you what face washes I use, toner, primers and makeup removers! Also this post may look sponsored by Biore. It isn’t, I wish it was haha but alas I’m just an addict!

Cleansers |

Charcoal Cleanser | The first ever Biore product I ever bought, I did a whole review on it HERE and I haven’t changed my mind in how well it works on my skin. If I was to use just one cleanser in my whole routine it would be this product!

Blemish Clearing Scrub | I bought this when I started to break out A LOT and wanted a product to try and settle my skin. I had a lot of stress and anxiety which triggered a lot more breakouts than usual. This settled them down instantly and I used this every night after the charcoal cleanser.

Anti-blackhead Cleanser | I am one of those people who sees every pore on their face and cringes haha plus I am a sucker for anything that involves heat. So when I saw this product I needed to try it! It not only smells amazing but leaves my skin feeling so smooth. I use this when I am having a major skincare spa day. Before and after I use Pore Strips. I love saying goodbye to those black heads people haha!

Aftercare |

Triple Action Toner | I love a good toner. So I just stuck with Biore for this one. I use this after I clean my face to make my pores smaller so less dirt is able to take claim to my skin and cause breakouts. Plus it helps stop makeup seeping in as well.

Pore Strips | As I said above I use these in between the pore cleanser. If I use a lot of makeup that week or if I notice a lot more blackheads, this comes to the rescue!

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer | Moisturizers are my life savers after doing all of the above this comes in to relax my skin and keep it fresh in both winter and summer! I get really dry skin around my t-zone and this helps that A LOT!

Primers |

Australis Blemish Buster Primer | When I saw this in the store I was intrigued. As I was buying around the time of the stress breakouts I was up for ANYTHING that said it helped fight acne. It is very calming and smooth when applied. It doesn‘t feel like it is clumpy like other primers I’ve tried and it didn’t feel oily either. I’m in love with this primer plus it helps keep the make-up on with out it harming my skin!

Smashbox Pore Minimising Primer | I only use this primer on my nose and t-zone as that is where my pores are largest. Thicker than the Australis one but hides my pores a whole lot better.

Micellar Water | So how do I get all the make up off you say? Yes I joined the Garnier Micellar water craze and I love it! It easily removes my makeup and doesn‘t dry me out. I make sure to use this before every shower/washing my makeup off. Otherwise if you leave your make up on the heat from the shower opens your pores and the makeup has easy access to screw your skin over haha!

–     –     –     –     –

There is my skincare routine! I hope you enjoyed and I’m sure you can clearly see my Biore obsession ;P 

Let me know what you’ve been loving to help your skin below!

Love Always,

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