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Do you ever look at your skincare and makeup and see a pattern? I never did until recently so I decided to do a new little series called Brand Loves. I’ve seen a few people post brands they love and I like seeing what works for people and why they love certain things. So here is a little look into my brand loves. 

Let’s start off with a new found favourite; Australis

Brand Love
I had heard the brand Australis start to pop up on blog feeds and a few of my friends had mentioned it. To be honest I was a bit hesitant to start using Australis. I don’t know if it was because I had started buying more expensive brands and became snobby in the moment I saw it at the cheaper end of the drugstore. BUT ALAS! In comes the sister to save the day with “I‘ve seen a lot of beauty gurus wearing it AND it is cruelty free”. So I picked a couple of Australis items up and haven’t looked back!

Price and Quality | As I said this is a drugstore brand. So it is not going to hurt your wallet. This said the quality is amazing. I’ve tried a range of their products and they really stand up there with other brands I’ve tried before. All the products give good pay off and feel amazing when applied to my skin.

Cruelty Free | I’m trying to buy brands that are cruelty free, so when my sister said that they were on the list of cruelty free brands it got me checking them out! It makes my love for them grow even more knowing this about the products I’m putting on my skin!

Range | They offer a great range compared to other small drugstore brands I’ve tried. From contour palettes and highlighters to primers, brows and lips they have your whole face covered!


Primers | Primers were one of the first products I tried from Australis. I got the ‘Cya Later Pores‘ to help hide the pores around my nose. It feels really smooth on the skin and doesn’t feel like it clogs them up at all. The other prime I have from them which has become my number one primer is ‘Blemish Buster‘ I am attracted to anything that says it helps with acne/pimples so I had to try it out. It is amazing on the skin, so light and moisturizing. I can tell it wouldn’t harm my skin at all which is a great feeling if I‘m breaking out! Another new find is ‘eye shadow primer‘ which actually really helps make my shadow last all day without irritating my eyes! 

Highlighters | My first product from Australis was the ‘Mineral Liquid Highlight‘ as I really wanted to try highlighting for the first time. This product got me hooked on that highlight game guys haha! Its absolutely amazing, I love it. I wanted to then see the difference between liquid and powder, so I got the ‘Banana Powder I switch between the two now depending on my mood but the powder is more for work wear as it isn’t as in your face/bright as the liquid


Lips | As everyone was getting into the matte obsession I had to try it as well didn’t I? Seeing as I saw Australis had their own range of Velourlips matte lip creams I grabbed the two shades above. I love the colours they provide. I‘m still trying to get used to how to wear them with my overly chapped lips haha. But for a matte lip I think they work great!

Colour Corrector | My newest purchases! Gold and green Colour Correcting bases. The gold really brightens under my eyes which is a god send seeing as I have dark under eyes (thank you genetics haha). Green wise helps to hide any of my redness, I have red undertones so it really helps hide these areas, these two are my new favourite part of my routine. Plus they are very smooth and kind on my skin. I’ve tried green corrector before and they dried me out big time so this one is grand!

So Part One of my Brand loves series is done! I think you can all guess what the second part will be about (psst it’s a certain skin care brand) Look out for that next! 

This isn’t done in partnership with Australis this is all just my opinions and love to share a brand with you all! However if Australis offers… ;P

Let me know what your favourite brands are. Do you own anything from Australis? What do you think?

Love Always, 

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